UPDATE: Dentyne Terrar-OKE Competition (part 2)

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Coming in from the stories of my previous post, unfortunately I was not selected to be in the final 5 of the competition but fortunately fellow TeamTehTarik member Shazz Rin WAS SELECTED INSTEAD!!!!

[Shazz Rin now in the finals!]

So for those that has been supporting or reading my post on this competition, support this guy now coz he's really far far far far far more talented than little old me and he's got a very strong run in the competition itself! Honestly I am very proud to say that a fellow TeamTehTarik member has reached this far in this competition and I am really hoping to see him going all the way for this competition.

So, why should you vote for him you ask?

Numero Uno: These are the first two challenge videos that we made. View them and hopefully you guys would like it!

For this video he was told to rewrite a song telling why should people vote for him. One strength that he has got in this competition is that he is one of the fastest "word for word" singer in the competition and so we tried to exploit that! Lets hope you guys like it!

For this video he was told to again be as creative and confident as possible for his singing. Sticking to the pledge that he will come up with A NEW IDEA FOR A VIDEO in every round, we decided to go with the a full length music video featuring someone that you guys might find a little familiar! :D Hope you guys like it!!!

Numero...urm...two!: For each voters, YOU GUYS STAND A CHANCE TO WIN A 3 DAY 2 NIGHTS stay in the Penang Hard Rock Cafe hotel and other interesting freebies!

And so, this would be the time that I would ask for each of my readers, for those who have supported me and the rest of TeamTehTarik's adventures all these while to come VOTE FOR SHAZZ RIN in the Dentyne Terrar-OKE competition and push us all the way in this competition!

So how do you vote you ask???

Click on THIS BUTTON to access the official Dentyne Terrar-OKE competition application on facebook.

Find the button to vote and get Shazz Rin as your number one choice! Press the "VOTE" button next to his profile and Rank each of the contestants as the order you would like and PLEASE DO PUT SHAZZ RIN AS NUMBER ONE!

And there you have it, each person would be able to vote once each week so please please please please please please please please please please please please please vote for him! We're counting on you lot and we will promise to come up with more craziest ideas as we go!

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