UPDATE: Dentyne Terrar-OKE Competition (part 1)

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As most of y'all might have read, recently there has been a nationwide online singing competition, in which more than 600 people decided to compete in. Obviously yours truly did come around and send in an entry (read the whole story HERE) along side with TeamTehTarik's regular music contributor, Shazz Rin.


So at this moment, 70 were selected out of the hundreds of entry to come up with two more audition videos for the competition. As best as we could, both representatives of TeamTehTarik pooled in our ideas and efforts for those two videos required. Of course I won't spoil much of the surprise now but I would tell you people first about my entries for the competition.

So for the first task, we were told to create a song telling the judges why we should be selected to be the top 5 contestant for the competition. I decided to go with an old idea from my Project Alpha audition, using a song from Bruno Mars with a little help of some "furry" friends....

[Say hello to the fluffy DooWops!]

and we came up with this nifty little video! Hope you guys like it!

For the second task we were to come up with a video depicting our favorite song as creatively as possible. Now this was a challenge simply because I had to dig deep in my "ideas section" of my brain. You see we here at TeamTehTarik vowed not to reuse ideas for our videos and keep it as creative as possible for our song covers. Problem was they let us go wild on this one and I had no idea where to start.

In the end I decided to go with an old classic for this idea. Most people are fans of Michael Jackson's greatest hits and I decided to take one of his songs and add in a big twist to the video itself. Check it out.

[If you cant really see the video, load it in HD!]

Unfortunately guys, my adventure with this competition had to end prematurely since they already came up with the top 5 finalist a week ago. HOWEVER SOME ELSE MADE IT... find out who tomorrow, you guys might recognize him!

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