Plushies in the Car

<data:blog.pageName/> <data:blog.title/> <data:blog.pageTitle/> One of the things that I've always realised among drivers here in Malaysia is the amount of effort that most people would take to actually decorate the inside of the car. For most drivers that I would know, most of them usually take their time putting in shiny new accessories to their car, be it a new bumper, headlights or any other accesories that you can find here in Malaysia.

[Takumi was pissed when he woke up and found what his car has become...]

Bu nowadays it has become a growing trend to have drivers, especially our female drivers, focusing more on having interior decorations rather than the outside. As most of you guys can see, so many times we have seen the back window of a car filled with god knows various amount of plush toys that sometimes would even block the rear view of the driver him/herself!

Seeing that there are a large percentage of female bloggers here in TeamTehTarik, you would imagine that we too have fallen for the trap of having plush toys in our car and seriously they come in different shapes and sizes...

Debbie's Paul! on Twitpic

This pinkish little fellow is Debbeh's Tako the plushie octopus. Named after the most popular Japanese octopus dish (i know... the irony right?), I kinda have mixed feelings whenever I get in her car, on the simple grounds that this thing stares at me funny everytime I enter the car.... *o*

Poke Stitch's Butt! on Twitpic

It is a known fact that JoJo has a serious fondness for Stitch, to the point that we do get worries sometimes. Therefore it is little surprise for us to see Stitch's butt poking out her dashboard evertime we enter the car. One of the most popular sport for us to do is to attempt and poke the butt while she tries to desperate stop people from doing so. As you can see, my cat-like-agility made my attempt succesful!

Most of you people would think that there is no way in hell that I would have any of this plushie residing in my car but unfortunately Miss Ave T managed to sneak in one of her fluffy friends into the car...

[Say hello to OmNom from Cut the Rope!]

haih..... =.="

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  1. A few plushie in a car is fine, but some people really overdecorate their cars sometimes. -.- lol Its cool though, its their car. HAHA

  2. my car is free from plushies :P

  3. my car free fom plushies too.. but have pillows hehe

  4. I love the last one especially! :D Unfortunately I'm not allowed to decorate my future car with any of them because it might be dangerous at times, so yea.

  5. Hey I just heard about this plushies thing on radio yesterday! I don't personally fancy to have any one of those. But it's interesting to see what people put on their dashboard. Nice post. Totally nang it! hehe =)

  6. cut the rope is cuter than angry birds!


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