In Search of a (Gem) Holiday

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One of the things that one would always complain while being at work would be the reminising of what would it be like to be a student again and go out on holidays somewhere around the world. That one location where you would always dream of going, really enjoying your time either alone or with a love one. Simply being free from the daily routines of work.

Don't get me wrong, at this moment I am most likely at one of the best job that I can be in my possible life career but like anyone else, I still do dream about having that one awesome vacation to really get away from it all.

I had this discussion with Miss Ave T the other day of the possible places that she would want to go for a holiday and as expected, she lists down a line of places that almost every person would want to go as well.

See the problem with me is that when it comes to holidays, I kinda have a different perspective as to where I would really see myself being and it would be the places that people would never even dream about going. I've never been the kind of guy that would want to pamper myself with expensive hotels, shopping or such. My idea of a nice holiday are the ones that does not usually fit into the norm of everyone's holiday destination.

Which begs my search for the "gem" places to go for a holiday. That undiscovered retreat destination.

[Scenary Farm Resort, Thailand]

I remembered reading and loving an inspiring post from Nuff's own travel blogger, NicoleKiss, on a farm retreat that she took her partner somewhere in the outskirts of Thailand, literally soaking up the natural beauty of the place. Sometimes I do imagine what it would be like to go for an "eco-holiday" where you indulge yourself in the private serenity of nature, really taking yourself out of the hustle and bustle of the city. Reading up on her post, I was amazed on how much you can get from just a simple farm that was converted into a villa styled resort, something which you can never find anywhere else in the commercialized areas for travel.

Of course you do get the urge every now and then to go for the usual requirements of a holiday but if there is one particular thing that I look for in a holiday, that would be the sightseeing factor of the destination. While I may not go for the tourist traps of the country, I will still marvel at the sights of either structural brilliance or even the natural marvels like the Hot Springs of Rotorua New Zealand.

I guess what I am looking for now is a suggestion. Surely there would be some ideas from you guys out there of all those underrated, undiscovered, excellent holiday destination that you might have been or even heard of. Maybe you guys can share it with me some ideas! :D

*note : there will be a butt load of travel post coming on this site, as I will be travelling A WHOLE LOT from now on. Stay tuned... *

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  1. i wish i can go on more travel trips.. but dont think can happen this year :/

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