Back from the Dead!

Due to the need of promoting my latest post from my entry on the latest competition I joined (check out the entry HERE) I had to stall a little bit on updating this blog of mine. But fret not, now that all is done, I can go back to what I do best which is blogging!

[Major plans coming up, just need to start on them]

So far I've been assigned to a new role in a brand new company and at the moment loving the place that I am in my life. Of course this would not be an easy task to maintain with the drive and motivation coming in from the job and other things that I have in mind but surely, I will not dissapoint my readers with new things coming into this site.

So for all you guys out there that has been religiously supporting and reading my blog, stay tuned for some of the craziest blog ideas that I have hatched. You will not be dissapointed....

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  1. welcome back? haha.. well, all the best with your brand new company :)