Tell Me What to Sing and Win!

So far, I have been doing a lot of musical covers either on my own or even with several members of TeamTehTarik and by far, there have been a lot of support from a lot of you out there which has been uber awesome!

[Sing you bastard! :D]

So as a token of appreciation to you people out there, I'm looking out for nice song request for me to do and at least this time I can get to sing a song that you guys would want to hear (rather than just my crappy taste in music...)

So to do that, check out the last music cover I did HERE and leave a nice comment of a song request that you would want me or even other members of TeamTehTarik to do! Or even leave your song request below if you want to as well!

 Best thing is that the best song request given to us WILL BE GIVEN CREDIT AND WILL GET A NICE LITTLE PRIZE from me as a token of appreciation! Don't forget to leave a link for me to contact you as well!

So any request guys?

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  1. there aren't a lot of male singers doing covers for katy perry's thinking of you. i know its quite an old song but i really really do like that song and it would be great if you could do a cover of it. kthnxbai...