TehTarik Acoustic Cover - I Love You Too (Usher)

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At this point of time, I'm trying to see if I can make more covers as often as possible. I would also like to thank all the people out there supporting me doing cover videos from time to time and hopefully, we can do more covers by request soon enough.

[Ruby would actually like this pic...]

Since we've been doing a few covers on Bruno Mars lately, I figured it would be nice to cover someone else as well. Caught a glimpse of this song through ShazK's playlist and I found out that this song has some amazing sounds and lyrics to it.

Originally was written for his son but as per always, Usher's music can be related to almost any given situation minus some specific parts of the lyrics. So for those out there thinking about that special someone, this would be a perfect song to tell that person how you feel. No surprise who I am thinking of while doing this song. :D

Hope you guys enjoy that song! 
However, seeing that we are trying to get as much videos done as possible, I'm letting you readers out there to come up with a request of what song to cover! The song selected will be given credit to the person suggesting it and even a nice little prize to it!

Just leave your song request down below!

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  1. omg bro, you're really really talented!! Love the music and the song you guys sang! Now I know why ppl say the fastest way to a ladies heart is with a guitar and the correct song. Your friend has a good voice as well!


  2. I used to love this song. By Tony Rich, Nobody Knows... hence requesting it here :)

  3. Moving Mountains - Usher? :)

    you've got that sad voice going on there. :)

    owh and sing louder and closer to the mic .

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    Thank you so much