Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Phone Review

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Since the first time I started doing reviews on phones on this blog, several occasions that I have mentioned on phones that have innovated the smartphone and touchscreen based phone. Since then we have seen the emergence of many designs, models as well as innovative technologies that further advances the use of smartphones, particular those that challenges the capabilities of the mighty IPhone.

[The all new Sony Xperia Play!]

I have to admit I am a little slow on realizing the new advancements on phones (believe it or not my own mother actually knows more that I do) so I would have to give credit to an ex colleague of mine from work who introduces me to this phone. Owning one himself, he mentioned that this would be the future of smartphone technology because of certain reasons.

So with the help of my friend, I managed to gather some information on the phone itself. Basically for most of us, Sony hasn't really been in the front line when it comes to phone technology but this time around they have managed to combine their core business of entertainment gaming and their phone technology.

[Phone interface]

Basic Functions

One of the key attractions of the phone would be the interactive functions of the phone. Much similar to most touchscreen based phones in the market, the Sony Xperia Play provides very much user-friendly interface which is quite easy to use.

[Now comes with PSP Games!]
This would be the biggest pull that this phone has against other phones. Due to the fact that Sony pretty much dominates the entertainment gaming business, we have now seen a phone that is capable of playing not only its own built in games but also all PSP based games! One of the key features that you can see here is that it even has a relatively large screen for the maximum game experience. I tried some of the games on the phones and so far it has demonstrated very minimal lagging response.

[Inclusive with the "L" and "R" button for PSP gaming]


As for the pricing, one would be able to get a hold on one of these babies at around RM1900 at market value, which is a decent price considering the competition of prices that you can get with most smartphones in the market these days. With this price, this would include a 8GB micro mini memory card, which is pretty much standard in most shops in Malaysia.

Size and Weight

[Blackberry Bold 2, Sony Xperia Play, IPhone 3GS]

In comparison to most of the phones, the phone measures similarly to your standard IPhone which has been proved to not cause that much hassle when carrying around. However for the weight of the phone, it is relatively heavier in comparison simply because of the built in game control that it has inside the phone itself. 


As mentioned above, the weight of the phone might be an issue to some as it is quite a hassle with the thickness and the weight of the phone to put in the pockets if your conventional jeans.

For most of the hardware of the phone has not much issue, there are some minor problems when it comes to the software of the phone. Unlike its competitors, there are some issues with the smoothness of the programs running on the platform. Even though that they have improved a lot on the gaming functions of the game, there are still some issues on the interface of the phone.

In conclusion, it is still an impressive phone particularly with gamers out there. No longer will they would have to rely on the crappy  Flash based games offered out there but now with full on PSP based games. Oh and its a nice phone too... :D

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