GPlusMY Disco Skates!

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Due to some unforeseen technical difficulties of my Youtube account (and laziness...) I truly apologize for the late entry on this event. True to the spirit and nature of GPlusMY members, we have decided to further our activities to a more challenging nature. Since we last conquered nature (see Broga Hill post) we've decided that we should tackle something more sinister.

Did God meant Humans to rollerskate and disco?

[Registering for Disco!]

We manage to find this gem of a place somewhere in Subang where the establishment is trying to revive the good old days of roller skating and disco. Neatly named The Wheels, the place pretty much generates the same buzz this kind of establishment used to do it back in the late 70's and early 80's. How it usually works back then was people used to show off their skills in not only dancing but in the same time, show it with style while whizzing through the place on skates. Fortunately or unfortunately, the hype was later on killed with the emergence of rock music in the early 80's.

So, as part of our club's challenge, we believe that with the emergence of a place like this, we would be able to relive the hype that was once terrorizing the youth of the decade and in the same time show our disco skills to the world. Even better for us we were actually given a choice to go with the modern day inline skating or the "ol' skool" feel of roller skates.

[Choose your weapons]

Here's where the problem lies.

Almost all the members that were there can't skate for nuts. The sheer thought of slapping on a pair of shoes with brightly colored, unconvincing tiny wheels on them immediately gave us the creeps. We all knew that by the end of the day this was going to end up really funny or really painful.

Funny how both happened at the same time.


[At least we were mastering one dance move - The Railing Shuffle!]

If there was any point of time where I lead the team to the worse, this was it. Truth be told I can't skate to save my life. My last encounter with a pair of inline skates was almost 20 years ago, during the time I was obsessed with D2: Mighty Ducks. Ever since then I never really touched them. Here's the problem that I have with skates:

1. It will take me forever to figure out how to balance myself on those damned things
2. Even when I do, it hurts like mad as the skates seem to bite my toes like a Chiwawa on steroids.
3. Even when I figure out how to skate, I can't figure out how to stop!

So for the benefit of the group having some form of pictures and not destroying my beloved camera, I enlisted the help of TeamTehTarik member ShazK, who seem to skate really well considering a man of his height, to handle the video and picture duties.

[With Fresh who braved through fear and extreme pain that day. WonderWoman she was!]

[Accompanying BeanMoreno gearing up for a lap!]

[Seeing that Elwyn was the only one that could actually skate, he had the responsibility of waving our flag across the rink]

[Me and CikLilyPutih showing off our trademark dance move - note how the little girl whoops our skating skills ever so gracefully]

[Mirroring CikEpal to stop for a photopose!]

Truth be told I was relatively impressed on the sheer size of the place. Due to the fact that most people are used to the idea of the ice skating rink in Sunway Pyramid, this place offers a far different atmosphere and most certainly dryer! Not only does the place houses constant disco music and lighting, it even has a Skate-Thru drinks shop, ramps as well as podiums! Courtesy of the TehTarikCam, we managed to give a POV of the entire place itself, just so that you lot can actually see how big the place really is!

[The Wheels skating rink POV Tour!]

As I mentioned earlier, my capabilities of skating matches to the speed of an asthmatic ant with a limp leg but it does not hinder me to try and at least document making one round across the rink. Unfortunately my sheer determination made me forgot that I can't really stop when I skate, hence comedy was sure to follow.

[Find out what helped me brake!]

And of course as I mentioned the place also houses some fun looking ramps for those who dares to try it out. ShazK manage to provide some insight as to how exactly do you tackle the ramps with skates on. Tony Hawk would have been so proud...

All in all I would have to say despite the initial hiccups of getting ourselves used to the idea of skating, we did have heaps of fun tackling this part of the challenge for GPlusMY, showing that once again that no challenge is too big or too difficult for us! Personally I would encourage those who would want to try out something new to actually check out the place and try it out and hopefully you guys would have as much fun as we did there!

[Check out the link on the top of this post for more info of the place!]

[GPlusMY was here!]

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  1. Cool event bro! I want to join next round if possible! Lol! XD

  2. I've been wanting to go to that place since groupon started giving out voucher discounts on them. But I couldn't get enough interested party to join me~!

  3. Nice one! I tried once when I was in Sg. Wang... It was fun and at the same time, pain when fell down on the floor :D

  4. The place is so cool, with the disco lights and everything, bringing roller skating to a different level :D I bet I'm gonna fall on my butt the whole night if I'd to skate on those rollerskates :P

  5. cool place! how come u guys aren't wearing afros or ridiculous shiny outfits? haha

  6. tehtarikmemoirsMay 8, 2011 at 7:43 PM

    not a problem! but gotta make sure you're part of GPlusMY first!

  7. tehtarikmemoirsMay 8, 2011 at 7:43 PM

    haha I know! but it was heaps fun especially if you have a big group to go with

  8. tehtarikmemoirsMay 8, 2011 at 7:44 PM

    oh yeah I remembered seeing that one before. Its been there a while already I think!

  9. tehtarikmemoirsMay 8, 2011 at 7:44 PM

    haha falling is part of the program! and it would not look silly as everyone would either be wobbly or falling down while there!

  10. tehtarikmemoirsMay 8, 2011 at 7:44 PM

    we wanted to! but not enough time to come up with costumes!