You Can See a Douche From a Mile Away...

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Yup, as most of you people would already know it, the fight for United's treble season is over. Due to some idiotic plays from a certain bungling English midfielder, the baffling "choke artistry" from a certain Bulgarian striker and a team that just lacked the drive at the very last minute, United are now crippled with a possibility of a trophy.

But then, in the end of the game, this happened.

Even though the fact that City already had their win for the game, instead of walking away with the win, this douche just had to taunt the supporters, and walked on as if he deserve to do what he did.

Known fact that I may be biased because of my allegiance to United but as expected, "Super Mario" Balotelli just couldn't get some form of professionalism in his game and once again managed to show that he is, by far, the most douchy attitude player of the season. 

Therefore congratulations Mr. Mario, you just got yourself the "TehTarik Approval for Douchebag of the Year"!

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