Of Wrestling and Men

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Funny enough the person that actually inspired me to write this post was my dad over a simple dinner one Sunday night. Basically over dinner, a conversation with me, ShazK and SafrizOnline over wrestling caught the attention of my dad. He wonders that even after all these years, why do men still talk with enthusiasm over what goes on in wrestling, despite the fact that most of the people that watch the shows knows that the story line is predetermined and sometimes very predictable.


Regardless of the company of preference, I honestly do believe that most of the male readers out there would have either gone through or still in the whole "wrestling" phase and the best thing is, it wasn't even us that started it!

 I remembered growing up with my dad, I use to watch the ol' WWF videos with the usual suspects on the pay-per-view, particularly Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior battling it out for the then World Heavyweight Title. I remembered going to the coffee shops with my dad and there would be tons of people  with both their eyes completely glued to a small 14 inch TV watching a pre-recorded video of a wrestling match and these people can stay there for hours. I remembered growing up with two younger brothers, throughout the years we have gone through broken furnitures, torn couches and even at times bleeding noses just because we wanted to have our own wrestling matches at home (yes I know they came up with those "Warning" signs but you think we would care at that age?). I even remembered being at school, even until secondary schools, we used to have our own wrestling matches, complete with our very own pay-per-view crowd cheering us on.

So why exactly that people would be so obsessed with wrestling? What exactly drives the interest to watch a bunch of men wearing ridiculously tight spandex while touching each other in somewhat questionable positions?

[That cannot be pleasant...]

If you were to ask me, its still the "sport" of the show that still draws my interest to this very day. Yes I can understand the entire basis of the show is scripted but its still fun to watch how they would develop the story line of show. Then again some would argue that despite the hype, the promotional value of the show, it becomes nothing more than a repetitive storyline that would bore event he dumbest people on earth.

And yet people still continuously watch the show and I'm quite curious to find out why. I would want to know whether it would be the same reasoning I would give for watching wrestling myself.

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  1. Lols i use to watch too! It was passed on to me and my 3 brothers from my grandpa ^^ so we watch in memory of him ^^ yeah it's all drama but hey, it takes a lot of sweat tears and blood to be on that ring. aint easy~

  2. used to watch wwf a lot. nice post. ultimate warrior vs hulk hogan, stuff legends are made!

  3. Wrestling is Cool, Wrestle itself need to put more effort on body building also. So it is not easy to become a wrestle, respect them. :)

  4. Ahh... I went to ask my young bro about it, but instead of giving me an answer, he gave me what he called "a-triple-locking-of-legs-and-elbow-hitting-on-stomach-AFTER-tripping-me-over-which-knocks-ME-out-of-my-breath" action.

    Hmm. I can safely say, I regret asking him.