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Moving forward from a rather emo post, I realized that it has been a while since I last contributed to the "food review" section of my blog. Not that I no longer have any interest of writing on issues that interest the stomach but rather the opportunity never really presented itself in my day to day activities.

[My Honeymoon Desserts!]

Fortunately for me the window of opportunity was opened when I joined my fellow GPlusMY brethren for a taste and dine session in a dessert place called My Honeymoon Dessert somewhere in the Kota Damansara. I would have to admit that I am not really a big fan of desserts, on the sole basis that it has never been in my culture to have desserts to begin with. However I would have to admit that after a session in this place, I kinda had a change of heart when it comes to desert places!

[yes we are!]


As for most of dessert places around town, most of the stuff here is quite reasonable. Ranging between RM 4.00 to around RM8.00 per dish, I would feel that the price range of the products are rather reasonable, considering the range of options that you can get from the menu.

[Couldn't really see the price but this would do... :D]

Of course if you are looking for something more fancy, the price will be more expensive accordingly but quite honestly nothing that would literally burn the living daylights out of your pocket.


This is where we started to have some fun. The best thing about the place is the range of things you can actually get from the place itself. Unlike most places that usually bunks on a signature dish in their restaurant, I would have to say that I am impressed with the number of desserts that they have in the place! Due to the fact that they have abundance of choices, we only managed to try some (obviously the ones we were eyeing on the way in!)

[Sweet Balls covered in Crushed Peanut]

[Mango Cream with Sago and Pomelo]

[Chocolate Ice Cream on Watermelon - so fattening yet healthy in the same time!]

[This would be my personal fav - Durian Pancake!]

[Witness the durian-y goodness!]

I would have to admit that the most curious thing I have ever seen was their "flower tea" which was presented to us during our taste session. I thought the tea was just by name but then I saw this:

[Wait for it...]

[... almost there...]

[... TADAA! An underwater garden!]


One good thing about the place is that it has now opened up several branches across the Klang Valley which makes it quite accessible to most of us living in KL. Unfortunately as to most outlets here, there are still none available outside of KL which means that out of town-ers are left with no option but to come to KL to try the place out.

As for the place itself, I would have to say that the place itself is quite comfortable for the whole lot of us to really go crazy with the night itself. Knowing most bloggers, we do need our space when it comes to food reviews.

[Suresh demonstrating why bloggers take ages to finish our food]


The restaurant does have its usual promotion every now and then however as far as I am concerned, there is nothing major on their promotions apart from their daily combo servings as seen here:

[Click on the menu for larger pic]

All in all I would have to say despite my skeptical view on dessert places, I actually did have fun trying out the food and desserts they have there and would generally recommend anyone to try it out. Some cons over the restaurant would be that despite their variety of things to order, there is nothing that really stands out different than the rest of the desserts offered by other restaurant. Even though that they might even taste better, other restaurants are also offering the same product, even though not as extensive as their line of stuff.

Overall I would definitely come back and try more of their products and I would implore those reading this to give it a shot!

[Thanks so much for having us!]

My Honeymoon Desserts

Toll Free : 1800-22-1880

Website :

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