My Acting Stint with BeautifulNara!

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Funny how this actually happened a while back but because it was due to some approval on certain parties, only now I can manage to blog about it!

In conjunction with the nation wide Cadbury Sharing the Happiness campaign, the company has decided to get in touch with a bunch of really well known bloggers across town to come up with some advertisement slots for the campaign itself! Amidst all of it all, I was given the opportunity to help out one of the Gossip Blogger King of Malaysia, BeautifulNara to come up with an advert of their own for the campaign.

[Cadbury - Full of Choc Goodness!]

So the plot was simple, boy sees girl. Boy tries to get girl's number. Girl seems to be responding. Boy uses chocolate to get the number. Girl responded. The End. Now in this situation one would seem to think that the plot seem rather straight forward and cute. However the question is, where does my character fit inside this storyline.

Simple. I was the girly-boy that was sitting in the middle of the two who thought the chocolate was for him!

[Setting up the cameras for take]

[Trust BeautifulNara to realize the heat under those spotlights!]

[Still got time???]

Let me clarify and dispel any rumors beforehand, I am in true nature the straight-est person you can find which means that playing a role like this was far, far, far more challenging in comparison to all the amateur videos I've made in the past. To make matters worse, I had to rely on my acting skills which was pretty much at par with a blind, wounded deer discreetly trying to play cool in the middle of a lion pride. Then again I had to give it my best shot and make this work!

[JoMama crew setting things up]

So with the camera magic and production works of JoMama Production we set forth the task of nailing this advert as fast as we can. One of the biggest problems that I was facing that day (apart from acting a soft as I can of course) was the blazing heat of that day. Despite it being a beautiful day to shoot a video, we were doing it indoors and on top of the heat coming from the spot lights, I was struggling trying not to sweat in front of the camera. Still I managed to keep everything in check with at least half a forest worth of tissue paper as my weapon.

[TehTarik in action!]

[Getting it right in between takes]

Even during that day, we also had the presence of a bunch of Nuffies who decided to come out and play supervise our shoot and in the same time gave their creative input in the scenes!

[Radiant looking Nuffies as always!]

See, my biggest mistake was entrusting these cheeky girls with our stuff during the shoot because in the midst of all, they managed to get a hold of my camera as well as some old pictures of mine. As a result?

[My old licence and IC pictures...]

It was a grueling task to begin with the shoot, especially when all of us started being so uptight due to our lack of experience behind the camera but after a while, we started to get the hang of it and was blazing through the shoot. In the end, the final product of the shoot is done!

[Enjoy the Advert guys! Video credit to BeautifulNara's Youtube Channel]

So, all in all I had a blast working with the couple and they really made it easy for me to work with, despite the gargantuan task that I had on my part. Nevertheless I am very thankful for both the BeautifulNara couple as well as Nuffnang for giving me the opportunity to work with these two and hopefully there will be a time I will get another chance to do the same thing all over again!


While you guys are at it, do check out Cheesie and TianChad's take on the advert! Really worth watching!

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  1. I envy you for being able to join all these cool events! Nice writeup, enjoyed reading it bro.

  2. woah! now on scene alrdy eh! cool! =D

  3. aiyoo.. u are in ads arh? so cool!!!!

  4. ehh your acting damn good la! :D

  5. haha your old IC looks thinner :D

    anyways . . . sissy type of character huh LOL :P

  6. haha no la! just cameo only!

  7. trying to but small roles onli!

  8. it seems so yeah and thanks! :D

  9. haha thank you thank you! thanks for the opportunity to do it in the first place!

  10. i was thinner back then mate!

  11. You can be an actor alrdy, teh! HAHA :D

  12. Great ADS Bro.. i loike...hehe..cilok Klip weh..will credit to this blog.