A Look at The Google Office

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I had this bit of discussion with some of my mates at work recently and we argued on how exactly does it feel like working in a corporation that is literally built on "fun". As most of them would argue on companies like Facebook, Youtube or even Twitter, my mind wandered of to one company that recently hit our shores.

How exactly does it look like in a daily office of Google?

[Google hits Malaysia!]

Therefore I am making it an official quest to find out how exactly does it look like to be in the office of Google in one day. Of course for now it is rather hard for me to find a way in to the office in Malaysia so I set forth in doing some of my research when it comes to their office.

What I found was madness.

[This way to GooglePlex]

The headquarters in the States, also known as the Googleplex houses some of the world's most outrageous company benefits that you can find anywhere! The entire concept is to make sure that each of the employees are taken care of as they realize that a job in Google does take a toll on the workers. 

First off is the food that they serve. Instead of a teeny tiny cafeteria in the building, the GoogleFood Complex houses foods from 18 different countries from around the world and served in variety of cooking every single day which pretty much ranges from Asian, Western, Middle East and good ol' American. 

Should you feel like munching on something while working, the GoogleSnack Bar offers a variety of stuff that is pretty much reachable to your desk at all time, rather than your plain old vending machine.


These guys are dead serious, built in gym, free massage centers and pampering bars, relaxation centers for some sleepy nap time, company rechargeable cars, indoor swimming pool, you name it and they literally got it! The best part of all is that Google houses some of the most unique offices from all around the world and each and every one of them are equipped with some of the most outrageous things that you can find in an office!

Since there are so many of them to list here, perhaps this video would be able to explain more what I mean:

[I dare you to watch this without going "IT'S NOT FAIR!!!]

So I am going to make it a point to see if I can enter the office in Malaysia for a tour and I will try to see if I can feature what goes on in the office of Google Malaysia soon enough and find out whether their office lives up to the expectation of their other global counterparts! Watch this space!

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  1. yes! you should take a tour to office of google malaysia and compare!

  2. omg. i wanna work at google!!!
    so fun!

  3. awesome.. i wonder if it is fun working in that such kind of environment.. my superior is really serious in his management style