In Search of MysteryGuitarMan's Trail in Malaysia!

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As most of you guys would know, I am a huge fan of the workings of the ever creative MysteryGuitarMan. In fact, most of the members of TeamTehTarik are actually a fan of his works and for many months now, I watched in awe of how he makes his video.

Today, I did my routine viewing on his channel and saw this!

Basically what was going on that the man has initiated his very own global scavenger hunt, whereby he has placed a sticker of his own image around town and what the viewers must do is to locate them stickers, grab a picture of it with yourself and post it back to him on his website!


[This would be what we would be looking for!]

Realizing the fact that this would be a very rare time that Malaysia gets involved with the inner works of a Youtube star, I decided to take up the challenge and went for it! However I do realize that I only managed to view the video around 12 hours since it got posted, nevertheless my aim was to get at least a picture of the sticker for the purpose of the blog!

So I managed to rope in ShazK into the picture (not that hard actually to convince him to come along!) and provide the commentary of what we were doing while in the same time hunting for the sticker itself.

With my trustee Phantom and the GPS navigation system, we managed to figure out that the location of the sticker itself is somewhere on an abandoned telephone booth somewhere in the LRT station in Bukit Jalil. What makes the work harder was of course trying to navigate the location at night, considering that the sticker itself was not that big and its pretty dark there at night!

[Our trustee GPS system!]

[This would be what we were looking for!]

Soon enough we managed to locate the exact coordinates of the sticker itself and we were off to find that sticker of his. Unfortunately when we got there, we couldn't find anything at all...

[Aww man...]

When we got there, we realized after close inspection that the sticker itself was recently removed from its position and we couldn't get even a picture of the thing there. Very disappointing to be honest, considering that we were expecting to at least obtain a picture of the sticker itself, let alone winning it.

Therefore being slightly dejected as well as a little pissed, we went back home empty handed. But then again we can at least hold our heads high that because we tried our best to get there as fast as we can but unfortunately, not fast enough....

I would like to assure that this does not negate the fact that we are still fans of this man's work. Perhaps MysteryGuitarMan himself would maybe read this post, then it would be a great for him to know that there are fans out here in Malaysia that are willing to go out of our way to get involved with his work!

Do check out ShazK's commentary on the entire event itself!

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  1. I love MysteryGuitarMan! He's amazing! Although I'm sad you didn't get to take a photo shot with the sticker, I have got to say it looks like you had a fun adventure! =]

  2. omg really? who removed it?!!!! Did you hear? David Choi is coming to perform TWICE in KL!!! Definitely will try to catch it ^^ jom?

  3. thanks guys, for saving me that trip XD i was almost going to check it out myself. but awww dang it, he said to take a picture of you standing next to it!! not rip the thing out. i wonder if this the work of someone in the sticker hunt or a random telephone booth vandaliser