A Hectic Week in Malaysian Politics

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Finally managed to get myself back behind the computer to do some good ol' blogging. During the time of me resting from being a little sick, been catching up a lot on the news that has been happening around town and sure enough, Malaysian politics have surely taken its fare share of publicity over the last couple of days.

First off we have our Sarawak State Election which came about after the dissolution of the Sarawak State Assembly and now we have a run at looking how this would fair out for the parties in contention. Truth be told there have been a lot of rumors on the shift of powers between the parties, as many within the state are no longer happy with how things are going in the state for the last couple of years, simply because that a lot may feel that the current chief minister has been in the seat for far too long without much improvement on the state since his first seat in 1981.

Best be told that for this measly blogger's opinion is that these people might have a point. For most people that would know me would know that I am a firm supporter of that "certain blue colored" party however I do reserve the right to criticize my own party. With the rich resources that the state has to offer, one would be wonder why the state itself is so under developed, especially in comparison to the neighboring state of Sabah. From my last visit I too realize the town of Kuching itself lacks the atmosphere of a state capital, with so much underdevelopment happening at the state itself.

What I would want to see, with the 71 seats being put into contention would be the turn out as to how the people would want to see from their state. Should they remove a party completely and risk a newcoming party with no experience running the state to handle the affairs of the office? Or should they remain with the same party and hope that there would be some change of leadership within the party itself?

However what I find unfortunate, that despite the mature level of development that we can see from the political standings of Sarawak, the attention of the people seems to shift towards a more "popular" topic in mind. The Anwar Sex Video incident has now become the talk of the town and quite frankly it is kinda sad to think that people would rather debate on the content of the video and speculations whether it is really him in that video itself.

I have yet to watch the video but amidst all the speculation that has been going on in the teh tarik  session across town, people are now more interested to see whether a man is fit to be a leader because of his sexual activity. Not exactly the first time we are seeing this happening, remembering the ol' Chua Soi Lek case many years back.

Then we have the whole fiasco of having a second fatal fall of a man who is under the review of the MACC for graft. Not to say that the organisation has been getting much good reviews themselves, considering that this would generally spark a huge public outcry after the much talked Teoh Beng Hock issue came to place.

My general question to most of this would be, why only happen now if it has to even happen in the first place? Considering that the idea is to get people to develop a more mature mentality during times of electio and with all this marring the actual election itself, all it is doing is just putting the focus of the people to where it shouldn't be in the first place.

Let's see how this whole fiasco will turn out...

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