GPlusMY Takes on Broga!

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After much promotion on the event itself for the past weeks (read HERE), we finally managed to muster our resources for us to conquer out first outdoor activity under the group! For any of you who are not familiar with what or where Broga Hill is, its a recently popular spot for people these days on the sheer basis that it is very much accessible from town and the view from up the hill is stunning!

NOTE : A few of these pictures in this site are accredited to the photoskills of TianChad

[Team GPlusMY FTW!]

As per the agreed spot, we all met up at the two meeting point place for the climb itself. One of the many reasons why we were meeting up so early in the morning is simply because for this activity we wanted to achieve 3 things:

1. Get the entire team on the top of that hill as soon as possible
2. Catch the sunrise on the top of the hill
3. Beat the traffic, on the road and on the hill!

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks of having an event this early in the morning and that would be "bed casualties of war". I do understand that there are those who would find it difficult to get themselves torn out of bed this early in the morning and especially on a weekend thus it comes to no surprise that we lost some troops even before the challenge started. Nevertheless, we had 10 people on board and it was going to be an awesome trip.

[Armed and ready to go!]

Upon our arrival, we had prepared our gear to take up the challenge. Not too sure what the rest were bringing but I had my trustee knapsack worth of climbing gear, some water, a Dolpin Torchlight and some water. Most of us had the same idea but some also had a right mind of carrying very light, relying on the resources of others in our pursuit to get ourselves in check for the climb.

We arrived a little late than expected but nevertheless we were ready. Confident that this activity was going to be a breeze, we even laughed at the amount of distance we were looking to cover for the trek itself.

[All smiles before the climb...]

How wrong were we?

The track started off with a pitch dark, uneven road trail across the freaky night woods. Despite the fact that there were a lot of us and almost all of us were with a torch in hand, it didn't stop you from having the chills behind the back of your neck thinking that something might happen along the way during the trail.

There was no easy passage through the woods. No nicely cut steps to make your trip pleasant. No stalls for you to buy drinks along the way. This was the real deal. In fact there was hardly any much talking during the entire wood trail itself seeing that apart from Khai-Sim who was genuinely fit for this activity, none of us were in any shape to climb this wicked trail to begin with. To be honest I saved my breath along the trail just so that I could bitch and complain about being tired throughout the journey!

The trail took us for about half an hour to clear and by the time we got to the end of the trail, some of us were already celebrating the fact that we are nearing to our destination. Once again, we were wrong. Right after that trail we hit what was the starting point of the incline for the actual hill itself. The wrath of Broga Hill was about to commence.

[I almost puked when I saw how high the climb was]

Not only was the inclination was steep, it really does make a person want to quit upon seeing the height of this thing. The worse thing was that once you reached this point, you can't quit seeing that you can already see the top of the mountain. 

To make matters worse, we realized that we took too many breaks along the way that we were running out of time. Despite that we were out of breath and out of energy, we still needed to break that mountain of a hill and the sun was about to come up. I broke out everything I got for that climb. Made a dash for the climb and even had to crawl on all fours just to get to the top as quickly as possible. Elwyn and Aimar took turns to soldier up the hill with the flag. Ruby and Saiful were tag teaming each other to get there faster. Suresh was still hitting hard on the trail while trying to analyse which way to go. And I was still complaining my way through the climb!

[I have no idea how she is still smiling!]

Despite all the odds... WE MADE IT TO THE TOP IN TIME!

[Marvel at the majestic view of the Sunrise!]

I would have to admit that despite the maniacal journey we went through to get there, I had that sudden feel of accomplishment once I reached to the top and watching that sunrise with my own eyes and I honestly believe that the rest of the team had the same feeling too. Once at the top, we set to do our own thing up there. 

We had our flag planting session...

[So very gangsta, despite Ruby's pink laces]

We had our "epic pose on top of the hill" session...

[Epic virtue of awesomeness!]

We even had our jumping shots on the hill! (despite knowing that one mis-timed jump will send us rolling down faster than a Hindi Love Song scene.)

[I am pretty sure I tore my pants a little for this shot...]

In the end of the day we had a blast making this trip and it was sure worth the time putting the effort in getting into this whole event. Despite some lagging issues during the start of the trip, I am pretty sure those who attended came out big fun from the climb and also enjoyed the company of the rest of the group during the entire trip!

Therefore, roll call for the team!

Team GPLUSMY to BrogaHill! : TianChad, Yi Wern, AtreyuStrage, Saiful, TTD, Aimar, Suresh, Khai-Sim, Ruby and Elwyn

As for me, after hearing so much about this place, come at least this would be one of those trekking places that I can cross out of my list (impressively enough, I do have a long list of places I have tracked in my life). One good thing about this though that I genuinely feel that the entire group accomplished a lot out of this trip and hopefully our efforts of making GPlus activities great would come to notice.

[epic Jump pose!]

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  1. wow! tat was HIGH! i'm afraid of height ~.~

  2. Awesome activity you have organized. Some good exercise and a splendid view at the end. How long in total did you guys take to cover 1.7km?

  3. you should see the view from the top. will get light headed i tell you! XD

  4. thanks much! total it took us around 1 and half hours to get to the summit but we were slow coz very unfit!

  5. This is awesome! We SG G+ members are not an adventurous lot. We prefer conquering the urban landscape. lol!

  6. haha actually this is the first time we went out! before this were all indoor activities!