GPlusMY Presents: World Bloggers & Social Media Summit 2011 Soft Launch

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For those of you who are not familiar with this particular event, this would be the second time they are organizing an event like this which would feature some of the great names in not only the blogosphere but also all social media networks in general.

Basically what this is all about is a gathering of people that are involved in the social media world and would feature specific topics that would cover the usual issues and happenings that is related to the social media world. As mentioned above, this summit would feature some of the great names in the social media world, companies and bloggers alike. In fact, the entire event itself will be chaired by none other than our ex Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Mohammed who is also known in the blogging world as!

Due to the success that they had last year in organizing the event itself, they have decided to make this year even bigger than it already is and would also feature even some representative in our own blogging community, particularly Redmummy as well as BeautifulNara.

Fortunately enough for members of GPlusMy we were given the opportunity to join in with the official soft launch of the event itself hosted by the organizers of the event. With the prime location of Luna Bar being selected, we knew we were going for a fun time during this launch!

So the night started out peacefully however there were a lot of us that found some difficulty to actually reach the place because of the after work rush hour as well as slightly bad weather. Fortunately for me that LunaBar was only a walking distance to where I work. Unfortunately for me that it was so easy for me to get there, I WAS THE FIRST ONE THERE!

[Settings before the storm...]

[So Shiny!]

It wasn't long before the place started to really catch on and the place was full of people! Every representative from the media was there to witness the launch, bloggers and celebrities alike!

[With the three "Malaysia's most Eligible!"]

[With the ever lovely, new mum, Amber Chia!]

As the night progressed, we had ourselves a sneak peak as to what the organizers had to say as well as what they would want to achieve with this program. Interestingly enough (yes, I was listening to them patiently...) the goal for this program is to get the views as to how social media has progressed in this country over the years and where the direction it is heading towards a better usage of internet as a reliable tool for media. 

In some sense, there are a lot of good coming in from this summit, basically it does give a voice to bloggers like us that were not taken seriously in the past and with this, it does give a platform to show how far have we come as users of social media tools!

Enough of the serious stuff, back to the pictures!

[The head organizers of the event!]

[A sea of cameras trying to take a shot. Obviously I lost big time...]

[Who said only Thor had the power of Thunder?]

[They even had some games where you get to create your own "FaceBoard"]

All in all the event went through smoothly and little ol' average me had a chance to brush shoulders with some of the A-listers of the social media world and really got a chance to see these people in person. Hopefully I would be able to go attend the summit in June, would really like to see what would they be able to share with the rest of the social media network.

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  1. Wahhhhh!!! cool event! cool peeps! Cool Amber Chia!
    selected people to go this event ah?


  2. Wow, you got the chance to attend the soft launch... Really nice one. Hope you get a chance to go for the summit as well! :)

    ps. nice meeting you tonight at the fast5 premiere. :) Nice camera btw.

  3. cool ! >< missed it. i'm at ur hometown nw. lol.... jz finiz up d climb. @@