YouTube Videos That Get Stuck in Your Heads

While I was compiling my next video on Youtube, I realized that over the years, there has been so many awesome videos that has come and go. However for all of you readers out there, have you actually encountered videos that not only gets remembered but literally drills into your head, makes a nice home in it and just wouldn't want to get out?

Truth be told, over the years I have had my share of endless struggle of trying to get those damn videos out of my head and some still remained where they are in my head no matter how I tried. So rather than fighting them back, I figured it would be real nice to share the suffering of having those videos jammed straight into your head.

I do understand that there a millions of videos like this in the past but I'll just stick to the 5 recent ones that really caught my attention. :D

(dont say I didn't warn y'all)

The Om Nom Nom Song - Parry Gripp

Everyone in the planet would have known this word but this video took it to the next level. Extremely addictive, I even got this blasted song stuck in my head while I was practicing for my law exams! Madness!

MysteryGuitarMan's Bali Instruments Video

Most likely to be the most hardworking man on Youtube, MysteryGuitarMan never failed to amaze so many around the world with his creative "stop-motion" videos but this one in particular was the one that got my attention. Not only he showed that traditional musical instruments can still make uber cool music, right after this video was made known to public, the entire craze of "We No Speak No Americano" phenomenon started.

Bedroom Intruder Song

Doubt that this one needs much introduction, this particular one really took the internet by storm within days of its release. How bad has this song effected me? Its been months since this came out and its still playing in my car. Plus couldn't resist writing a post on it HERE.

Evolution of Dance

This one is an oldie but still a goodie. Despite it being released about 5 years ago, the hits for this video still kept going on until today. Better yet, he actually came out with a SEQUEL VIDEO five years later on!

Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows

This would be the latest addition on my list. Originally introduced by members of TeamTehTarik, I couldn't stop laughing and hitting the replay button over and over again. Seriously I dare you people to keep your mouth closed when watching this video. Go on.

I honestly believe that you people would have your own top 5 list of songs that just wouldn't want to leave your head. Share some of your list here!

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