Xiaxue vs. Peter Coffin

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Despite my inconsistency on updating my blog, I still do keep myself updated with the ongoings on the blogsphere. However, recent spat between two people caught my attention based on the issues that has arises from this tussle.

[This is not going to end pretty....]

Let it be known that despite the fact that I do subscribe to Xiaxue's feeds, I would have to admit that her postings may not be suited that much for my likings, on the basis that:

a) I have the same level of fashion sense as Mr. Bean on a bad hair day
b) Despite many forced attempts, I know nothing about make up
c) I'm a boring old nerd

As known to most people, online spats are never foreign to Ms. Xiaxue's dictionary and for most of the time, I would stay clear of these stories. However for this particular one, it took my interest because of one solid reason.

She is right.

It all started with a various comments made by one YouTube based "entertainer" by the name of Peter Coffin against Ms Xiaxue, which sparked a massive response on her blog. Not only did she called the guy but in the same time exposed a rather interesting fact about the man. Not only is the entire basis of his postings  are mostly on racial based comments that would offend a few in this region of the world, also the man "created a girlfriend" of his own by ripping off a Korean beauty's picture and in simpler terms, "rebranded" the person entirely. Read up how this entire thing was unfolded HERE.

[Allegedly Kimi Kobayashi]

Since then, there has been massive support for Xiaxue's post by her readers and in the end, a response came in from Peter's allegedly "legal team" threatening to sue her for libel and defamation. She responded accordingly to her own manner HERE.


On this grounds, I would have to agree that this would be the case of a sad little man trying to make a name of himself by easiest and most laziest way a person can think of. By cheating...

Fact of the matter is that too many times we have seen douche bags like this come around and try to act smart, hoping that people would catch what he has been doing. Personally I am absolutely amazed at the level of research and writing done by Xiaxue on this matter and the fact of the matter is, we Asians are not as dumb as how Peter Coffin would have put it. As much as people like this would try to get their way by cheating their way through life, it is only a matter of time before someone realizes that the person himself is fake.

My thoughts is that kudos to Xiaxue to stand up against douchebags like this person and at least it shows that some people wont get pushed around just because you make yourself seen louder than others.

As per the legal threats that were thrown around during this whole debacle, I laughed while reading that particular post simply because it is another classic case of a person trying to scare another with mere legal jargon. My response to that would be as followed:

Accusation of Defamation
"Accusation of Defamation" can only be done if the person who made the statement, with the intent to publicly injure the reputation and it is a requirement to prove that the statement made is false.

Law in the US - Citing the case of New York Times Co v. Sullivan (1964) states that an action against libel and defamation can only be done if it can be demonstrated that the facts used in the statement made WERE FALSE or MADE WITH COMPLETE DISREGARD WHETHER THE FACTS WERE FALSE OR NOT.

Law in Singapore - Sec. 8 Defamation Act 1985 - The defense of Justification can be used if the truth behind every statement made would be proven and not made merely to maliciously injure the person with false facts.

Based on the given facts, we can see that from each of the postings made by Xiaxue, she has provided solid facts and elaborations as to why she makes those statements against Peter Coffin. easy enough to say that I wouldn't think that her actions were made to maliciously slander Peter based on false accusation, but mere "presenting facts in accordance to the reality of one Peter Coffin", based on real research findings.

There you go. Lawyered.

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  1. A lawyer gotta do what a lawyer gotta do! :P

  2. read about it. Shall see how it goes, but I concur that the dude is really a douchebag.

  3. And here we have Lord Teh Tarik 1, peter keranda 0. The court finds in favour of ms. xiaxue and orders mr. coffin to suck up to ms. xiaxue and say sorry to her and promise to never make fun of asians again. Booyah. I'm just crapping, really.

  4. you picked on the wrong girl, man. --,