TehTarik Guide to Facebook Profile Pics

They say that first impressions gives the most lasting impression a person can put to others. Despite this being a saying that have lived through the ages over the generations, the rule can still be applied to our society today. The only difference is that the situation has now changed, rather than your usual "face-to-face" meet up, we now have Facebook Profile Pictures to do the first impression.

[Aww man....]

Many would not want to admit it but most of us would have depended on the profile picture to briefly know a person, be it a new friend, a new colleague or even that particular girl that everyone has been talking about. With that in mind, countless amount of people would have done their level best to get their pictures as interesting as possible, even some would rather not be themselves in the pictures to give a good impression.

I am in no exception to this.

Over the years, I can tell that there are a few phases of my life that I went through, simply by just going through my profile pictures.

[You have my emo phase, which is the "no-look-at-camera-and-make-yourself-look-emo" picture.]

[My public juvenile stage]

[My "no-it's-not-photoshoped-at-all" phase]

[My "I know famous people" phase]

[Even had a weird "ninja" phase at one point...]

Regardless what it is, so many times we don't mind making ourselves look absolutely ridiculous with our pictures for the sake of impressing those who just so happen to drop by your Facebook site. Therefore the simple question is, how can we ensure that we don't make those dumb mistakes when updating our profile pictures?

Judging from my collection of uber awesome profile pictures from the past, obviously I am not the man to tell people how to get their profile pictures straight. However, my adventures on the internet stumbled into this dynamic duo, Rhett and Link who just so happened to have some advice on the "do's" and "don'ts" of Facebook profile pictures. 

Interesting stuff...using the chicken?

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