Should You Forgive an Animal (Murderer)?

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Over the past week, the entire blogging community was rocked by the news that one of our very own Malaysian, made it into the viral Youtube for all the wrong reasons... The video show a early 20's boyish looking girl, using an umbrella as a weapon, abused and stomped a couple of innocent kitten to death. All this was caught by a pre-installed CCTV that was suppose to capture any heinous crime done within that back alley.

My attention from the news was caught while reading through a post on this matter by a fellow Nuffnanger, CrizCats Sanctuary who wrote a blog post on the news as well as embedded the video that shown the vile actions that was done by this animal. As seen below, this is what she had done and can be seen enjoying what she has done.


As expected, this particular video caused an uproar WORLDWIDE and for the past week, there has been a massive witch hunt for this woman and after several days, they have managed to identify her as one Chow Xiao Wei. They decided to put her across the media, made a full press statement of the action and an explanation by her as to why she decided to do what she did.

"SERDANG: A woman who gained notoriety after a video showing her abusing kittens was uploaded on Facebook has apologised. She claimed that she was suffering from depression after her parents divorced.
“I could not control my emotions at that moment, but now realise I had made a terrible mistake after watching the video myself,” said Chow Xiao Wei, whose cruel act was captured on a CCTV in a backlane near here."

[ The Face of Monstrosity ]

To all my readers out there, the very reason why I feel very strongly about this situation is that I am a cat owner and the very thought of someone having the audacity to even think of doing what she did already sickens me, let alone do what she did. Fact of the matter is that she now makes a public apology, stating that she was not in the right mind at that moment due to pressures and stress from a divorced family.

Is this sufficient to forgive her for what she did?

[Photos credit to Sdri. Tati Ambia]

If that question was to be asked to me, my question would be a serious no. On the grounds that by simply making a statement of what has happened and looking remorseful for the camera proves nothing apart from the fact that she makes a good show for what has happened and that is by far, insufficient for what has been done. Fact of the matter is that it is only when her back was against the wall did she come up to confess for what she did, and was happily doing nothing about it before then.

Don't get me wrong, I do sympathize those that has to go through a divorced family and I realize that I will never know how that feels. However, millions of people here in Malaysia goes through the same problem but none would have acted he way she has acted and more importantly, none would have blamed their own vile actions over this situation.

Do read a fantastic write up by one Sdri. Tati Ambia  on what happened during the press conference.

So my question is to my readers, would you forgive her for what she has done? Is this enough to get her out of what she has done?

As for me, I am furious for what has happened and the fact that she would probably get away with a slap on her wrist for what she has done. I will never cuss or swear on my blog against another, so I would let my furry friend tell you what I think about this monster.

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  1. She must be responsible to it.

  2. she's a bitch. animal to the end.

  3. I don't think she should be forgiven. Her heart is out of control and being cruel. Parents divorced isn't a reason for me.... In the video, she looks like she is enjoying very much.

  4. I'm a cat owner too. For the first time while watching a video, a rude words came out from my mouth. I hope she will get the punishment. I really couldn't accept her excuses. Hey girl, are you the only one who had facing a divorced family conflict? Nonsense.

  5. oh gosh, I previously say some screenshots but I didn't knw it'll b that bad, this is a terrible act!

  6. we humans release our anger on weaker then us ,i think she should be punished for it

  7. I love cats too. I don't dare to watch the video because I'm afraid of what my response would be. Damn her~

  8. i'll forgive that woman caused she admitted that she's wrong. better than the guy who hits his dog earlier :(

  9. i thk she really not think probably when she do it. haiz....

  10. I agree with the cat, f you bitch!

  11. She needs some psychiatric treatment, srsly.