Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra : Tribute to John Williams

At times here back home, I really don't know what to do during my weekends. Most of my days I'd be lazing about the house doing absolutely nothing, or with given opportunity I would be out on events meeting bloggers and people alike. However over this week, I have been waiting for a show that I have been hoping to happen for so many years.

Fellow readers of MoaTTD I have two confessions to make. Firstly, I grew up with music and in fact was a military band geek in high school, which kinda explains my fascination with wind orchestras. Secondly, I am a self proclaimed, biggest movie nut/geek you can ever find which would only mean that I get the chills with the sheer mentions of epic movies. Hence this weekend, the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra pays tribute to one of the greatest movie composers in movie history as well as complete the dream of almost all Malaysian movie geeks in town.

[Composer John Williams and band conductor Richard Kaufman]

If you have no idea who this man is, then you are in serious need for a lesson in movie greatness history. This man has not only revolutionized the movie would with countless legendary scores of music, his composition literally made several movies historically epic with the sheer hint of his music. It is because of him that people would know when there is a big fish coming to bite you when you're swimming in the sea, it is because of him that you would know there is a man in the sky flying with a red cape in his underwear and it is because of him that life in space would be possible in a galaxy far, far away. This man is legendary.

These days, his music composition is now conducted by a legendary musician by the name of Richard Kaufman who, at one point of time of his life performed under the supervision of John Williams, now has the honor of conducting his music. Now, the opportunity is brought here to Malaysia.

[While the men try to look good in suits...]

[...we were completely outmatched by the ladies!]

Unfortunately I couldn't bring my entire TeamTehTarik for the event itself but fortunately for me, Miss Ave T and StormyReza managed to get some time off to join me for the event. For most of the time, events like this gives us the excuse for all of us to dress our finest and we took little persuasion to do just that!

[Took a pose in the lobby!]

Unfortunately for us, we were strictly told that we were not to take any video recordings or even pictures while inside the hall, despite several attempts for me to ninja a picture during the show. However the entire show was sheer brilliant. From start to finish there was that breathtaking pieces that brings you back to when you first saw the movies. It even got me and StormyReza giggling and mimicking lightsaber and tie fighter sounds at the back while they were playing the Star Wars piece!

In the end, it was just what this blogger needs to see, some bit of cultural influence in my weekends does bring some good after all. For years I have been dreaming to see the score music for the Star Wars theme being played to me in real life rather than just watching a video, now I can say I have seen it. Of course the night would not be complete without taking this picture...

[The Force is strong in this blogger...]

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  1. I do admire John Williams.. Must be an honour to hear his music redone by our very own Malaysia Philharmonic Orchaestra

  2. look good there with suit! :)

  3. it was! the entire night was just an amazing musical!

  4. thanks so much!