Hope After a Natural Aftermath

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For the past couple of days, let it be known that it is excusable if one was to be slightly distracted from their daily routine. Almost every person across the globe have their eyes glued on the TV, internet or any means possible to find out a natural disaster that has struck recently to our neighboring shores.

I honestly believe that in every corner of the globe, there would not be one person who would not have known the tragedy that has struck Japan recently, resulting from a 8.9 magnitude earthquake that not only shook the grounds of the nation but brought in tsunamis that would literally destroy a nation in minutes. Now, the entire country is in jeopardy of facing a line of disasters that is just waiting to happen.

As most of us in this country would ponder as to how things are going there, for me I wonder the most important question. Is there hope for those in Japan in their time of need? How would we as the global community would respond to the disasters that is happening there right now?

[the despair of a family]

Perhaps there are some things, personally after seeing all this, that we as Malaysians can do either to help out or even make things slightly better for those suffering in Japan. I decided to come up with some useful things of my own.

Not Make Stupid and Insensitive Comments on what Just Happened

Might not happen, you may thing, but there are instances where idiotic comments might rise from the wake of what just happened. (read HERE for example) I do understand that it is your right to use whatever means necessary to voice out your comments on what has happened but I do urge those at least reading this would have some decency to keep some things to yourself.

Find out People you Know in Japan, Whether they are OK

Right now I have four people that I know in Japan, two of them classmates of mine from school and two friends of mine from University, who thankfully are OK and accountable for. For the last couple of days there have been much words of encouragement exchanged online and hopefully everything remains the same for them there.

Charity Donations - Every cent Counts

Right now there are so many ways for us to contribute whatever we can in order to help get basic necessary goods to them. With much supplies running low, many would out there would suffer through the blizzard, cold and everything else while trying to get back on their feet.

[A global initiative by Google]

I know that we all have been taught since we were small not to talk or publicized any contributions made for charity but I personally feel that this should be the exception. I've contributed what I can to the donation that Google Crisis Response has been campaigning on their website and I STRONGLY URGE EVERYONE to do the same. If not through this, there are so many other ways out there to try and give some monetary contributions for the cause.

For now, we would have to wait and see what is going to happen to the country in the next couple of days but  while doing so, I truly and honestly believe that there will always be hope of aid coming from the global community to help lessen the burden of what is going on in Japan. I know so many of you bloggers out there are spreading the word and hopefully we can see some hope that these people will pull through this trying times.

Come on Humanity... I believe you will come through...

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  1. pray for japan, every country and Malaysia especially too!

  2. Pray for japan and the whole world, the world is slowly dying ):

  3. hoping for the worst to be over soon! it's really saddening :(
    #pray for japan

  4. Rakyat Malaysia perlu belajar untuk menjaga sensitivi dan bukannya sesuka hati menghakimi orang lain.

  5. it is sad, pray for them, god bless lost soul =(

  6. We must pray for Japan. :)