GPlusMY Presents: Broga Hill Hike!

Ever since we had the club initiated, we have seen several fun filled activities organised for the members to attend and so far, we have yet to come up short with ideas of more things to do for the event itself and the ever supportive people from Nuffnang have always been supportive with our wacky ideas ever since.

 [photo credit to JustinHee Photography]

Recently, it has come up to the attention of the council that there has been a considerable increase on the popularity for people to hike up Broga Hill and for all the right reasons. At dawn the place offers one of the most accessible mountain top view of the town below it, making it not only a place for people to chill but also a place where photographers would go absolutely bananas about.

Hence, we have decided to do our own - GPlusMY Hike Up Broga Hill Challenge!

Date: 26 March 2011 (Saturday)

Meeting Point 1 : A&W, Taman Jaya, Petaling Jaya
Time : 4.30am

Meeting Point 2 : The Mines, Seri Kembangan
Time : 5.00am

This would be a momentous occasion for the club. Not only are we going to terrorize the place with a bunch of bloggers, but we will plant our conquest with our official GPLUSMY FLAG at the top of the hill!!!

[Flag will bear our emblem!!!]

There would stuff to give a way while we make our trip there, plus it would be great fun to finally get ourselves outdoors and enjoy the time with nature. Do check out the coverage of the hike on GPlusMY Facebook. Oh and btw, did I mention were giving away something cool to some of you guys that makes it to the top with us? Find out what is it...

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  1. have fun guyss....umm,maybe in 1-2 years time when my fitness level is better, i can join in....

  2. aduh bro memang teringin nak join.. tapi malangnya aku kena balik penang 26hb tu.. sedih2.. sebab ada kenduri kawin.. macam ni aku tunggu hang je shah update gambar jelah nanti ye.. hehehe

  3. many wan to join... but no transport :(

  4. waaaah cantiknyer >.< tringin jg nk join but rasa mcm xfree msa tu. i wish i can go there too nnti ^^

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  7. great.. adjusting my time.. see can join onot..