An Australian to Play for Malaysia?

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While I was having breakfast with Miss Ave T one morning, a bit of football news came to my attention. We have been hearing a lot of news about the Malaysian Football team, and so far I would have to say the impression that the team have been giving to the people have been good so far.

But what caught my attention was this bit of news that surely would be the talk of the town for most people here in Malaysia, if not now but maybe even later.

[Brendan Gan - An addition from Down Under]

Enter our friend here from Down Under by the name of Brendan Gan. 22 years of age, a future starlet for Australian Football and the best thing is, this man is from an Malaysian Australian heritage. For those of you who would have been following the Australian A-League (not many of us do here unfortunately), Brendan is no stranger to the fans there and for the right reason. The man never fails to bring his A-game every time and does much justice to the fans of his club, the Sydney FC.

Of course once reaching to this status, many would obviously question to which country would he be playing for in his career? After being asked about this since 2009, he finally gave his answer in an interview by Astro Awani.

Instead of playing for Australia, who has a place for him in their squad, he decides to play for Malaysia.
When asked about his decision, he credited his interest of playing for our beloved country after watching how we performed during the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010.

Obviously this would have a lot of mix reactions from the public however there are yet to have anyone make a stand of how they really feel of having a person not from this country but showing so much desire to play for a country he is linked to by decent.

Personally as a Malaysian Football fan myself, I feel that this would be a great addition to the national side, with the range of talent that we are pooling and training right now. I do understand that the man himself is a very talented player but as we all know, one man would not make a team great and as we have seen from the performance of our squad at present, Brendan would fit perfectly into the team. Most importantly, if a man would be very proud to be linked with his heritage that much, pitting his career as a footballer to a lesser known national team, I would honestly take much pride in that. 

What do you guys think?

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  1. nanged bro! :) and i like the way you did the post. Our Malaysian football is improving.

  2. we should give him opportunity to prove himself. hope FAM do not act selfishly and tought we do not need any 'foreigner' in our national team.

  3. nice one teh tarik

  4. personally i think getting players from other countries will be a little awkward.