TehTarik goes Go Karting!

This past one week has been an absolute eventful week for me, for good and bad reasons. However, despite the absence from the week, I have gathered much interesting stories to tell for the blog which hopefully would fuel the "seemingly dull" website of mine.

On a starting note, living in Shah Alam does have a lot of access to a lot of extreme outdoor activities but the one activity that I have always wanted to take a spin at is the Go-Kart circuit in Shah Alam. Residing in the parking grounds of the Shah Alam Stadium lies the fully fledged, go kart racing circuit of City Karting!


[Attempted to take a panoramic view of the track!]

Fortunately for me, StormyReza was celebrating his Xth birthday and decided that for this year we do it slightly differently. A bunch of grown men, huddling in tiny cars a whizz around a track to outdo each other in a speedy competition among one another. We do realize that each one of us has limited our track racing experiences to "Level 44 of Grand Turismo" so it was bound to be hilarious to see what we can come up with this time.

[Podium for the victor!]

[Wide range of crash helmets. Very convincing...]

Despite the place being a very fun, family oriented kinda place, make no mistake that some of these people here really do take go karting seriously. Each of them literally build, tune and perfect their tiny machines to perfection and seeing this happening around us, obviously there were some bruised egos that needed to be mended. We decided to take this to another level...

[Equipped with home made go kart gear!]

[racers at the waiting area]

[Getting pumped for the race!]

Once we were on them cars, everything starting to pump into your head. So much strategies would go into your head, plus having to realize that you actually the engine buzzing on the left of your arm and the seat protecting your but just mere centimeters off from the road. Once on the track, we had everything we knew about driving and driving recklessly fast passing through our brains and had pretty much around 1 minute to really think of how exactly you're going to do this, pretty much without any experience behind a go kart wheel at all!

Let it be known to the general public, despite the tiny cars we were forced to lodge our butt in, the damn thing goes pretty quick. With the number of sharp turns and stretches of the track, it really does take a toll on you mentally and physically. Imagine with zero power steering and the entire force of the car bouncing off your arms and body, you do tend to get trashed by the car the minute you step on the accelerator pedals!

[Taking a lap through]

[StormyReza red hot on the track!]

[Hitting the Pits!]

In the end of the day, the entire run was a hell of an adrenaline rush and its little wonder that a lot of people would actually take it seriously. As for me, I don't think that I am ready yet to hit the tracks professionally but I wouldn't mind making this a weekend activity every now and then, on the sheer basis of how much fun the whole day has been with them go karts. Honestly I would implore everyone out there, men and women, to have a go. Really worth your time!

[Strike a pose!]

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  1. Awesomee.....

  2. This post would have been more awesome if you didn't forget to mention that all your guys got pwned by me in qualifying and insisted on a reverse grid for the finals! 3 seconds faster baby yeah!

  3. Fuyoo.... Wish I got the chance to Go-Kart...:(

  4. RM35 for 10m on the 80cc kart. A tournament for >10 people would cost about RM150. You get 12 mins "test" time, 12 mins "qualifiying" time, and a 12 lap race.