Glitterati Plus RoadTrip - Ipoh!

Finally the much publicized road trip is here, where similar to what I did with our little gathering in Kota Kinabalu Sabah, this time around we made our way to the famous town of Ipoh for a little road trip to bring some of the activities out here in KL to you guys up north. Basically what we're trying to do with the whole GPlusMY initiative is to get the involvement from the Nuff bloggers from outside of KL with some of the activities that we have to offer, really defining the meaning of the motto of the club, "A club for bloggers, by bloggers!'

Please be warn that this post is going to have a butt load of pictures, some courtesy to our VP, Sdr. TianChad.

From our own research we know that there are a lot of Northern Nuffies roaming around the town of Ipoh so we figured that this it is only fair for us to make our way and get in touch with the friendly bloggers in Ipoh.

Most of you would already know that the town itself does boast so many interesting facts about them, particularly the fact that the town houses some of the best dishes in the country and even made some local blogger celebrities along the way. As for me, its more of going back to a town that was once the ONLY town to go to when you want to return back to urban civilization (having going to school in Kuala Kangsar).

[Northern Golden Arches!]

This time around, we decided to get ourselves assembled at the Kinta City McDonalds, which we thought would be the easiest place for us to meet. The last time we had an event like this, unfortunately I had to handle it myself with the help of Safriz but for this tour, we managed to gather some of the GPlusMY council to come along the trip. 

[GPlusMY Council + Advisor! click on their pic to go their site!]

All of us manage to take the time to attend this meet up, unfortunately for Suresh who was super psyched to come for the event had to go home because of a family illness as well as Dusty who couldn't make it because of personal reasons. Regardless, we still managed to muster the majority number of the council to meet with the good people of Ipoh!

Upon our arrival, it wasn't long before we were greeted with some of the people who came to attend the event itself. Unfortunately it was rather packed in McDonalds that day (being it a Saturday afternoon) so we did have initial trouble of finding a seat for the gang.

[The UTP Gadget Boys came to say hi!]

[Ladies managed to grab a seat before anyone does!]

[Ipoh GPlusMY gathering kicking off!]

It wasn't long before we manage to round up everyone there and got the show started. Most of the time we started to introduce ourselves, as well as have very light chit chat about what really goes on here for bloggers in Ipoh. It was very interesting to hear the background stories of the people that day, some coming from all around the country but studying in Ipoh, some born and raised in Ipoh all their time and some even coming back to Ipoh from KL by coincidence that day.

A lot was discussed that day, particularly for us to find out what exactly would the bloggers want to see from Nuffnang, especially in particular with the activities that they would want to see happening in their side of the country. A lot of us shared ideas and seriously interesting suggestions as to how we can improve the club's contribution to the Nuffnangers.

[Having a laugh at the meet!]

One of the things we also highlighted was that there is a need for a better awareness for bloggers outside of KL on how things work with Nuffnang. The bloggers mentioned that there has been much questions that they wanted to ask about Nuffnang, about the adverts and how the clicks work, but too shy to actually ask. We decided we had a bit of a "Nuffnang Technical Session" during the meet with Fresh leading the discussion.

[teaching the ways of the Nuff]

Later after that, we wanted to give some gifts to our members. With the usual Nuff badge we usually give out, we also brought in our limited T-Shirts to give away and made a little competition among the people! We decided to do a little pop quiz about Nuffnang and Glitterati Plus and see how many of them would get most of the answers right!

For the day, since we had the equal among of boys and girls attending the event, we thought that it would be fun to see if we can get a winner from the boys and a winner from the girls. Just to make it fair! :D

Unfortunately when comes to the battle of wits, we do have to admit that the girls kinda trump the boys big time...

[Head scratching for answers!]

[Soulesscloudy winning it for the girls!]

[Hafism winning it for the guys!]

Once all of those were done, we decided to treat our Nuffnanger members to a movie session, just like how we do it in KL. Since that we were in town, we decided to go for a movie about a brown bear that talks and steals pic-a-nic baskets... think you guys kinda got the hint on this. :D

[Atreyu guarding the tickets!]

In the end, I would have to admit that we had a great time getting to know the members in Ipoh and we are truly grateful with the hospitality that we received when we were day. Similarly to most of GPlusMY tours that we have done so far, I would personally like to highlight the fact that this would not be last time we would be doing an event here. So far we came to gather the feedback on an event here in Ipoh and I would be glad to say that we learnt a lot from this.

Much thanks and gratitude for the bloggers that came for the event itself, seeing that the event would not be a success without your participation. I would like to thank Hafism, AdmiralHafiz, Faiz, Woolaesya, Ieda, Soulesscloudy, Naser, Janice even two bloggers who came slightly late but made it for the gathering!

[Broframestone and Khaizarien who managed to attend!]

Thank you so much again for the gang in Ipoh and we sincerely apologize for any shortcomings from our side during our visit there. Now that we've done Ipoh, I wonder where the next road trip would be?

[Thanks much ppl!]

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  1. So good.
    Hope it can held in my place 1 day and meet up some blogger in my region. Maybe the cute guys next door is a blogger too! XD

  2. When is the time for Kuching? lol

  3. Yeah. I know about this and actually ada tinggalkan komen pun. Memang bukan masa terbaek for me to join. Maybe nanti kalau buat kat penang pula.

  4. thanks shah and the geng! ^^

  5. next road trip in KL! =P

  6. Looks like you had great fun! Good initiative to share how NuffNang works too - that is invaluable. Ever considered making a road trip down to Singapore too?

  7. will keep it in mind. there would be more place GPlusMY will be doing a roadtrip!

  8. haha in time mate. in time.

  9. takpe, next time mesti ade lagi event kat tempat lain, hopefully dapat join! :D

  10. not a problem man. good to meet you!

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  13. well there are work about a collaboration work with GPlusSG! will keep you posted!

  14. Thanks bro...

    next trip?? Melaka pulak yer

    Admiral Hafiz Official Website: Admiral'z Legacy

  15. not a problem bro. tengok la camana kitorang punya planning untuk our next trip

  16. thanx a lot bro! next time u'll be in JB right? i think u promised..or did i hear u wrong? haha!

  17. oh ipoh my hometown.. but im already residing in Klang Valley..
    haha.. seems to be having fun eh Mr president :)

  18. hahah no problem bruv! dunno yet if we can make it to JB but we'll definitely notify early if we are!

  19. i know! I suppose I will be meeting you in one of the events here then? :D

  20. wehhh tengkiu cuz dtg serang epoh, len kali mai lagi. buat byk game, game congkang pon xpe.haha

  21. Melakaaaaa!!! Kthxbye

  22. PENANG!!!!!! I'll even belanja ice kacang ^^ So sorry I couldnt make it that day. By the time my appointment was up and factor in the 2 hours drive, I would have made it for tea -_-"

  23. hahah takpe next visit will keep that in mind!

  24. thanks! same to you too!

  25. we'll see... :D

  26. its ok, im sure this would not be the last opportunity for a roadtrip that you would be able to make it!

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  29. sorry baru berkesempatan untuk view post ini

    if turun ke tempat lain, bro try untuk join sama