World's Greatest Head Massage (including usage of Cosmic Energy!)

Every single time I wanted to get a haircut when I was younger, I remembered my dad used to take me to this Indian barber in the old town of Malacca where I used to live. Back then, whenever you want to get your hair cut, your choices were between two.

You have your old school Chinese ladies salon that featured billions of Chinese ladies posters around the shops, all posing while looking sideways and all sporting the same bop hair style. It was the in thing back then.


Your other choice would be the said Indian barber shop. I am sure that most guys would have the same memory as how the shop would look like. The old school adjustable barber chair, the constant Hindi songs being played in the background and the one style they seem to suggest in all Indian barbers, the James Dean look-a-like style.

[double hhhheeeeyyyyy]

For me, one of the things I always remembered about my trips to the old Indian barber shops would be the complementary head massage that they always give after every hair cut. So a couple years back I wanted to do a write up on this and I found this guy.

[Baba, The Indian Chuck Norris]

This is Baba, a barber in one of the suburbs in India. On first glance, the guy looks like your average guy from  India (except for the epic look and mustache) but in reality, he is known as the World's Best Indian Head Massage, and for a good reason why.

Noted for his use of uber-cosmic-chakra to enhance his epic head massage, this video now has more than 2 million views so far. Honestly every single person that watched this video will actually feel relaxed by just watching the video, imagine if you're a recipient of a session with Baba.

Since then, Baba has brought up his game, being featured in several other head massage video like the SpaNomad travel video as well as having his own Facebook Page as well. Trust me when I say this, ever since I found this video, I can't stop watching it and I'm putting my money that neither can you... :)

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