TehTarikDrinker says Adieu to 2010

I know its a bit late but then again wanted to look really deep in my heart for this post. Last year, somewhere around this time, I made a recap on how things were before the year and what I have achieved for the past one year (read that post here). This time around, I suppose I should really add in something else in my post.

So, what can I say about 2010? Its been rocky journey to be honest with you and for everything that has gone through, perhaps there is something that I can really take into account.

Saw the blog grew to what it is today!
With amount of attention and support from so many people, it is a little wonder how this blog, from being an unseen blog just one year ago, now turned into a blog that people would actually enjoy to read (hopefully). Despite the rantings and nonsense that I write, there is still much love given by people for this blog!

Made more involvement with Nuffnang
Events, competitions, movie screenings and even meet ups, the entire year has been a very eventful time for myself and Nuffnang and for that, I've gathered much knowledge and experience along the way. Best thing about doing this? Getting to know great people and friends along the way.

Got myself a new baby!
Dont get into any ideas people... :D Perhaps one of my efforts to show that I can take great pictures WITHOUT using a DSLR... So far so good.

Travelled to Phuket!
Keeping strong to the tradition of TeamTehTarik to do at least one yearly holiday trip, we went about and got ourselves to the beautiful beach of Phuket! Shared a laugh, saw stuff, you know the drill... :D

Finally came home to Sabah
I would have to say that this trip was WAY long overdue and really I am a relieved person for this to happen. Some people would say that for a man to never return home for a long time would mean that he/she has forgotten his/her roots and I for one would not want that to happen.

Was named Blogger of the Month!
I have no idea how this one happened but when it did, I was the first one to be ecstatic about it. Never had I would imagine that I would be given this opportunity and lo behold, there I was given the first honor for my blog. Awesomeness.

Was given the opportunity to head an awesome group
Second only by my TeamTehTarik, being part of a pioneer group like this has always been legendary, let alone given the chance to lead the group. Hopefully for future times to come people would be happy with the work rate that I hopefully deliver.

Saw my best friend getting married. (and being the best man for the second time...)
They say that if you hit the altar as the best man for three times in a row, you're cursed to be a bachelor for life. Please not the third time, please not the third time, please not the third time, please not the third time....

Saw Malaysians dreamed again...
As a long time football fan I have watched plenty of Malaysian football fans suffer all those years with bitter disappointment in their faces and dashed hopes in their eyes. This year was the year that the wait for all Malaysians were rewarded and the sight of every Malaysian united to support for the pride of our country.

So, are there any aspirations that I would want to see happen in 2011? Well, I thought of it on New Year's Day itself and listed this:

1. To finally learn Mandarin!
2. Make sure to update blog 4 times a week.
3. Get blog ranking to target rank!
4. Finally pass the damned CLP Exams and become a lawyer! (hopefully)
5. Travel to more than one place this year
6. Get awesome body  At least consistently hit the gym from now on.
7. Learn how to play the piano, the last basic instrument I can't play
8. Lead more awesome events with GPlusMY
9. Get dream business idea done!

Let's see how much of this would actually be done by the end of the year. :D 


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  1. You sure is successful in the blogosphere, I wanna be like you one day! :D Hope I can join at least one NN event this year ):

  2. whoa what a year! You sure were destined for greater things^^ btw I'll be in KL 13-16 jan meet up? ^^ with tracy perhaps?

  3. Hey! Your 2010 seems very packed! Nice!

  4. wow.. what a great year you have.. sounds like interesting !

  5. that was a very good year indeed. hope all end well this year

  6. wish u luck in acheiving your list!

  7. Haha..It's a great 2010 huh.. congrats for being the blogger of the month.

  8. teh tarik mamak dah takleh minum skang....bahaya....tapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.....saya takleh tak minum teh tarik.....apa pun, moga blog teh tarik lebih meriah tahun ni ;) Happy New Year

  9. happy new yearrr!! good luck with your to do list :)

  10. thanks so much! unfortunately I got some stuff going on that date. wouldn't be able to do a meet up though... :(

  11. it was! let see if I can make 2011 even more packed!

  12. thanks much mate! lets see what 2011 got installed for me!

  13. thanks mate!

  14. lets hope so too! need all the luck I can get!

  15. it has been1 thanks much!

  16. tq! tengok la tahun2011 boleh buat aktivity yg lagi gila dari 2010! :D

  17. same to you and all the best for your year too!

  18. the day you see me on a Nuff event, you come and say hi and take a pic! that would surely go on this site I promise! :D

  19. Owh, I didn't know you're from Sabah! Anyway, I wish you a great year ahead :)