GPlusMY Badminton Day Out!

Since that from now on, there is going to be a bunch of events coming up for GPlusMY people, figured that its the best thing to do to create a catagory for GPlusMY on this website, for easy reference.

[Manly Badminton Players!]

As the first activity for GPlusMY for the year, we decided to have a little sporting event to get them rusty ol' bones working again. Even though we didn't have that large of a turn out that day, we still had enough people to have a 3 hours, fast paced, nonstop game of badminton, with the involvement of fellow Nuffies of course...

After a quick session of individual warm up (mine was running to the changing room because I was late) we all set in into our badminton gear and went for it. Myself and Tian Chad were there to make sure everything goes well for our first event of 2011 and making sure everyone there was having a good time.

Some of us were pleasantly surprised to see Tim and Nick making a cameo appearance for our event, so we figured that they were here to oversee the event itself.

boy were we wrong...

It wasn't long before they suited up for badminton and got their game on. They formed a formidable team that even the great Razif and Jalani Sidek would have been proud. With them forming a team that great, we couldn't resist on taking a shot against the bosses.

We had Robb and TianChad trying to form NuffTeam to beat the two. Despite heroic efforts by the two, they couldn't break the formidable duo.

I had to be the hero and step up to try and take on the two, thinking that with cunning strategy and sneaky distraction tactics, I might just be successful...

[Sneaky, professional looking, intimidating tactics being used...]

Obviously not only it didn't work, it came with horrendous consequences...


So in the end we decided to break up the formidable duo and carried out a round robin session among all of us. Since there were not many of us, everyone had a chance to continuously play throughout the entire day, which means more fun for the rest of us. 

Some of us showcased an unknown talent within the sport during that day. Perhaps what they say is true, that Malaysians will be Malaysians, having badminton as a default sport for the most of us. There were a lot of action going on that day...

[You still can play badminton in PINK!]

[Gin and Elwyn forming a rather lanky duo]

Halfway throughout the game, we had Tim forming another strong alliance with Myvitrd, which obviously had to be challenged as before. Had an awesome partnership with Mr.LuckyStrike to challenge the duo until tragedy struck...

rather impressive return...

major misstep on my chase...

And down goes the TehTarikDrinker!

At that moment of time, the sheer pain of a leg cramp was something I haven't felt in many years and lord it hurts real bad. Usually at this point of time, men would lose their focus of maintaining composure, which is later replaced with a "shrieking girly voice of pain" as demonstrated by the video below:

[This would be the only evidence of me writhing in pain...]

Funny how TianChad managed to be at the exact location and timing to take pictures AND take the video instead of helping!

All in all, we had a blast of time playing badminton together and it sure was a great start for the year. Wonder what is going to happen for the next event? Perhaps this...

Stay tuned gang!


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  1. OMG it's fun! long time didn't play badminton.

  2. i lurveeeee badminton but i suck at it~ pathetic

  3. thanks mate!

  4. i know! its been a while for MANY of us there!

  5. it was mondo fun!

  6. got! the girls are the supporter while taking pictures!

  7. neh? surely got invite right? :D

  8. look at the video! obviously cant be worse than me haha!

  9. tq shah sebab invite aku dalam aktiviti G+ ni.. memang enjoy petang tu.. sampai ada orang kaki crame..heheehe.. aku dah lama tak main..tu yang pancit tu.. apa pon memang happy join aktiviti korang.. harap2 next event lebih ramai lagi yang join..

  10. You guys are lucky coz "JAI"lani Sidek @ JAI RAMli and Razif Eyriqazz Sidek tak turun..if not sure tough fight..hehe

  11. fuiyoh all so Healthy! TehTarik you need to do more stretching for yourself =P haha

  12. Wow, nice badminton outing you got there, bro. Where did you guys play?

  13. Hi bro, Chong Wei will retired after he see this.....hehehehehe

  14. court tu nampak best. court cmni br smgt nk main badminton. huhu. boys day out le ni kirenye eh?

  15. hahah no worries man. actually thanks sebab datang support event kitorang. ni nampak sangat dah tua, bar sikt dah cramp haha!

  16. hahaha tulah, patut krang turun padang, baru la ade match!

  17. we all kampung bred guys, never did do any warming up first. :D

  18. had it in a place in PJ called New Vision Badminton Academy

  19. not with situation like the video happening hahah!

  20. haha camtu la kiranya, ade gak the girls datang tolong support but boys je yg main!