A Top 10 Merry Happy Ho Ho List!

Tis the season to be jolly again as the festivities for Christmas is in the air for almost everyone! Although technically I don't actually celebrate Christmas but just like any other festive celebrations here in Malaysia, you'll get almost everyone celebrating almost every other celebration, regardless of their believes.

[jingle bells...jingle bells...]

As I was in the office yesterday ( we hardly did any work anyways...) we all started to think and discussed among each other what would be your top 10 wish list that you would want to get for Christmas and we came up with some of the zaniest things in mind. For mine, it goes something like this...

10. A new car!


For those who know me well, I have been hunting around for a new ride to replace the current Tank that I drive at the moment. Something fast, something sleek and something that I can call my first owned car! SO far I have taken about 3 month hunting around and I've pretty much narrowed down to this little beauty right here. Then again wouldn't be too soon to tell that I can actually make this into a reality so putting it in the dream cabinet for now.

9. To Travel!

So far I have been more than happy with the amount of travels that I have done (as seen from my exploits here) but everything else considering, I still need to make the efforts to travel more than what I have already done. Certain place do come into mind for example Disneyland USA would be the first:

[Would want to see the real Mickey Mouse, not the Cantonese speaking one...]
Or maybe to the sunny beaches of Mauritius

[Its a beach life!]

Or maybe even going back to see my crazy gang in Reading UK and cook up another storm like how i used to!

[Its been a while since this picture resurfaced!]

8. To finally bungee jump off a bridge

Call this nuts but one of the biggest thing that I have always wanted to do is to bungee. Not off a crane like how we have it here but full on scenic hanging bridge, 100 feet of the ground that would blow your mind off the minute you stand on the pedestal. I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie myself so this would definitely be on my list. Go figure.

7. To finally have the Bieber craze passing over

This was a unanimous answer in the office. Justin Bieber is a fad. We don't care.

6. World Peace

How very "Miss-Universe-Answer" of me.

5. To get a seat in the World Cup 2014 Finals in Brazil!

I think I have established the fact that I am football nut and for every football nut out there, the one thing that you would want to get is to have tickets to the "Holy Grail" of football itself which would be the World Cup.

As most of us already know, the next one is going to be in 2014 at Brazil and this would be the best opportunity for me to reconcile my failure to get a seat in the South Africa world cup (so close...). Maybe I can finally say, as a fan of the game, I would be able to say that I have witness a World Cup event up close and personal and it would give me the chance to hit the street of Brazil and party!

[This has nothing to do with the dream]

4. To rub shoulders with Hollywood stars on a red carpet event.

Going around and hanging out with the stars of the world. Who wouldn't right?

3. To have my best friends to stick with me to the very end

Someone once told me that if you would be able to name 10 people, apart from your own family of course, that would do almost anything for you and would stick with you through thick and thin, then you are the lucky few in this world to have the privilege to know that you have genuine friends. So far I am blessed to have friends who would do just as such and one of my wish that in present and in future, nothing compromises that.


2. To have the ability to eat chili.

Thats right folks, I've said it. I admit that I fail in that department and for once, I would love to at least enjoy a spicy meal WITHOUT having to suffer the living daylights after that. Then again, that might be a dream long overdue already...

1. Tehtarikmemoirs.com is known globally!

That would be a dream that would be impossible to achieve, but then again it would be really great to have this nonsense blog of mine to go further than it already has. Again this would be a dream that I would love to see happening, but its not up to me is it? :D

[wouldn't that be something?]

Either ways, with or without the wishlist coming true, its still the time for most of us to celebrate and I for one will be the many to wish you people out there a Merry Happy Christmas and Happy New Year! Now go and have fun!

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  1. ho! ho! ho! merry Christmas! I'm not celebrating Christmas too but hey, HOLIDAY is always the day to celebrate XD

  2. CAT! so....fluffy~ I think it doesnt matter if you're celebrating or not. It's all in the spirit and merry making^^ to me it's that and Jesus's birthday^^but whoa, the parking is sure a pain in the derrière, literally speaking.

  3. Wow,cool wishes. Hope ur wishes will come true ^^

  4. I want that cat!!

  5. i love wish list number 3 :)

  6. ahahah..Good Luck with ur wishlist!:)

    Merry Christmas!;D


  7. The number 3 wish is when i went awh~~~
    Hope you fulfill your wish soon!

  8. I wanna bungee jump too! take me withcha if you manage to bungee jump :D :D
    and wtf you don't know how to eat chilli xD jiayou bro! =]

  9. no.3 is quite touching :) i like it so much

  10. exactly! and us being malaysians, we only need an excuse to celebrate! :D

  11. quite true, which in some sense its the spirit that counts, not the belief. and yes, parking can be quite a beeswhacks in certain area during christmas...

  12. thanks so much!

  13. everyone does!

  14. thanks so much and merry ho ho to you too!

  15. glad you like it and thanks so much! :D

  16. haha me too!

  17. will do and yes, chilli is my kryptonite unfortunately..

  18. i'm glad you do! :D

  19. thanks! so do a lot of ppl here! :D