TM Everyone Connects Viewing Party!

A while back I wrote about the whole TM Everyone Connects post, promoting their anniversary for their product? Well they are back doing and promoting something different than before as part of their campaign for their product. This time what they are promoting would definitely intrigued many football fanatics out there, especially yours truly.

[TM and United!]

As of now, TM now stands in as Manchester United's official telecommunications sponsors in Malaysia which would mean that Malaysian Manchester United supporters like myself can rejoin to know that we have a Malaysian company being part of the United family as well. Although it is highly unlikely for us to see the "TM" logo being on the front shirt of the United jersey anytime soon, this would mean that the TM portal now supports functions that Malaysian Manchester United supporters can enjoy!

Which then brings to this event that they are organizing...

As for most fans would already know, we have a showdown that would most likely give a certain answer as to who would be at the top of the table come January and TM is giving out a chance for fans to see it as if we are at the stadium itself! Set at the dates given below:

Fans are now given the chance to watch the game at the largest TV Screen in South East Asia and with this, hopefully it would also bring the largest football gathering that has ever been done in Malaysia! One thing is for certain though with viewings like this, it is high likely that the atmosphere there is going to be nuts, just as crazy as how it would be in the real stadium there in England!

As for fans here in Malaysia as well, TM also provided several fun stuff that we can do in their portal following up to the upcoming match this Sunday. Fans can either find out what is going on with the team following to the big match day as well as post out their comments to what they think of the game at the Stadium @ EC and Kopitiam @ EC on their website!

So, there you have it people, since we have a big game in our hands this weekend, might as well we make it a big one. For those fans out there who are looking forward to watching this weekend's game, make your way to the given place and time and you might just see this Man Utd idiot screaming on the top of his lungs to the ridiculously large screen!

  [Glory Glory Man Utd!]


Due to for some unforeseen circumstances, the location of the viewing party has been changed! Instead of the information that I have been promoting before, the location of the viewing party will be as follows:

Date: 19 December 2010
Time: 10PM to 2AM
Location: Various locations which can be see HERE! 

Regardless of the change of time people, the party is still on and you bet yourself that I am going to be there! GLORY TO UNITED!

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