Teh Tarik Travels - Lupang Family Reunion! Part 2

One of the things I found out, every single time I have my reunions in Sabah is the many many talents that my family have over that side of the country. Fact of the matter is that every single time I come home there will always be something that they would amaze me and for this year's reunion, its only right for me to showcase some to the unknown talents of the Lupang Family!

[Axes for the Night!]

Somehow I remembered a long time back, my late grandfather once jokingly told us that to be part of this family, you got to either know how to play a musical instrument, dance or sing. Somehow rather those words kinda stayed on with the rest of my family as almost everyone had so much to showcase regardless of age, which I find is absolutely amazing.

Known fact that the first generation of my family have already accomplished so much in their years of music but its great to see that they can still hold their candle against the younger members of the family and belt out a number or two.

[Lupang Family Band! :D]

Best thing is by having abundance of talent going on in the family, every single family reunion we never had to hire anyone to come and perform in our functions, just us trying to outdo each other in showing our talents as much as possible which in a way does save us a lot of hassle! :D

However, one set of family members among them all that I would want to give a special mention would be my close cousins that is around the same age as me. Throughout the years, I grew up with these people and every single time, our visits would not be short of anything but absolute fun, simply because we all think on the same wave length as each other. More importantly, every single one of these guys actually taught me the early stages of my knowledge of music which kinda says something about their own talent as well.

[The Crazy Lupangs!]

Obviously, it wasn't long before TeamTehTarik started to scheme something interesting out of this reunion, a collaboration between the talents of TeamTehTarik and a member of the Lupang family. ShazK did the honors of doing the collaboration with yours truly directing the music with another talented family member of ours, Sdr. Alvin Lupang to do a cover of a song that some may have been requesting us to do for a while already.

[ShazK feat. Alvin Lupang - Just the Way You Are]

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  1. nice...all your family members are musicians! lol...

  2. It's really cool to have yr own family band! Another awesome cover but I heard someone laughing in the middle of it heheh *double thumbs up*

  3. wow! family band weyy! awesome! xD

  4. good thought! i've been so close with gloria your cuz, and i never stop being amaze by her singing regardless her power vocal!awesome lupang's family!

  5. What a cool family u got there, most my family members are accountant, it's like a "traditional" job...haha...

  6. orang sabahan pun memang selalu ada bakat menyanyi & main alat muzik. suka duh. sebab kawan-kawan sabahan boleh buat free talent show. tapi roomate dulu tak boleh menyanyi. tau main bola sepak saja. Y_Y