TM Everyone Connects Birthday Bash!

For everything that has been going on in Malaysia, its always good to see a Malaysian made product reach its own milestones and for one lazy Sunday afternoon, it was the same for another! I was fortunante enough to be invited to attend their TM Everybody Connects 1 Year Birthday bash at the Curve Mutiara Damansara.

For those of you guys out there who are not too sure about what campaign am I talking about here, they are the people who were behind this particular advertisement which I thought was one of the catchiest advertisements made locally so far.

[Stars of the Advert!]

For the road show that day, the turn out of people that day was fantastic and sure enough, it wasn't long before the army of Nuff bloggers started to show up for the event. Basically what the event was promoting was the internet service that they have been providing, especially the ever powerful TM UniFi connection. How powerful are we talking about here? As a current user of the system, the internet services allows me to watch football live online while SafrizOnline would be screaming his lungs out playing his PS3 online and ShazK would be busy donwloading his favorite Youtube vids WITHOUT LAGGING OR INTERRUPTION, all in the same time. You tell me whether it is good enough...

[Sdr. Eyriqazz testing out the speed on the internet]

The roadshow turned out great, where each section of the ground is divided into several sections with fun and games provided by the organisers. Naturally I did my own snooping around the ground to take some pictures and see the participation of the people attending that day.

[The Stadium!]

[The Gaming Area!]


One of the reason why the entire fair ground are segregated this way is because it reflects to the new TM Everybody Connect Portal where each section represent the features of the website itself, such as the Jamming Garage, The Stadium, Open House, EC Hall of Fame and Sini Maa! Go and check it out peeps!

What would a show be without its own celebrities, and sure enough we had HaniMadu and Ben from Fly FM hosting the entire event itself. Of course a little apperance by the band behind the music itself, BUNKFACE!

And so, had a blast at the entire event and for one, its great to see the achievement of TM to really portray their objective on the campaign, literally giving the means for everyone to connect, communicate and colloborate with each other. Question is am I pumped with the event?

I believe I am.

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  1. That is awesome connectivity. In Singapore, if I were to watch any live streaming, I would have to close everything else which consumes bandwidth (email, twitter, MSN).

  2. MALAYSIA!~~~~~ I wan unifi, but my area doesn't have -_-"


  4. I've always like the TM ads, it is catchy! :D

  5. 3rd pic; is that dayah? looks like my fren dayah... =)