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Let it be noted that in majority of the case, I would not be one to go around and bash another person's blog. I am a supporter of freedom of speech and to me as long as it is used responsibly, there is no harm for someone to exercise that right. HOWEVER do note that if the right has been exercised irresponsibly or abused, I take the absolute pleasure of simply "arguing back".

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Recently I have been told that there has been a blog post circulating around town of someone writing their displeasure on how Nuffnang handles their bloggers under their name and detailed their reason of not being associated with the company anymore (hereinafter known as The Disgruntled).  On their post they mentioned how the bloggers are treated with disrespect the minute they associated themselves with Nuffnang, they mentioned how Nuffnang discriminate bloggers to the sense that only the same bloggers get treated better and the rest are abandoned, and they mentioned how BLOGGERS ARE ASSUMED BY NUFFNANG AS IGNORANT AND TEENAGERS (coincidentally they associate the two that way). So to respond to this I believe the best way to answer is to respond to each of the points given by The Disgruntled in their post. 

"1. Nuffnang inherently disrespects the blogging community. By attempting to run competitions instead of campaigns - pitting one blogger against another and by attempting to ban bloggers from dealing with other social media advertisers, Nuffnang is ignoring the media's inherent value. The truth is Nuffnang would not exist without bloggers whereas we'd happily go on blogging without them.. They need to learn their place."
If this is the argument that The Disgruntled uses for the basis of their argument, wouldn't that go against the nature of each and every competition out there? As far as how the competition goes with Nuffnang, each bloggers are given the CHOICE to either participate or not with the competition. By not being actively involved in competitions with Nuff does not mean that they lose their membership with Nuffnang and it certainly does not put them in a place where they are any lesser than the members that chose to compete. On the basis of "banning" bloggers with other social media advertisers, once again I reitarate that it is the CHOICE OF BLOGGERS to be associated with Nuffnang's community and to do so, obviously there are rules that members would have to adhere to, similarly to the rules of EVERY OTHER ORGANISATION out there.

"3. Nuffnang dangles events as prizes and payment. Media events are money-making for the organisers and provide the sponsor with publicity. Dangling it as a prize or payment is like awarding work for work. How ridiculous is that? If I win the event as a prize I should not have to blog about it. Instead they are making money both ways. They run competitions and get paid, award an event they are presumably PAID to organise as a prize, and then reap the benefits of bloggers blogging about the event. Also, competitions pay them better than campaigns as not all participants are compensated."
Obviously The Disgruntled has no idea on how events and competitions work with Nuffnang. I am sure for all my readers out there who are familiar with the runs of events with the company, NONE OF US ARE FORCED TO WRITE about the events that we participate and we do it out of our free will. Examples can be seen from events like the recent Vaseline party, LG Cookie Monster party and the DiGi Villains party, never once does Nuffnang FORCE the people attending the party to write a blog post about it, we do it willingly to generate interest in our blogs. Get your facts straight.

"4. Nuffnang assumes all Malaysian bloggers are ignorant and teenagers. Not only by the practices listed above but the promotional ideas they forward. For example, the Vaseline "Are You Moist Enough?" blogger competition which had bloggers writing "the best post" answering if they were "moist enough". Who thought this up? A bunch of horny teenagers? Not to mention the ridiculous prize - the Vaseline Are You Moist Enough Party (after which, Nuffnang tweeted that "all ther staffs are moist" [sic]). Frankly, it's the job of professional media to attend these things and we're paid to do so - it certainly isn't doled out as a "prize"."
By far the dumbest thing I have ever heard from a bunch of raving starks claiming to have "personal experience as a  professional journalist". Are you saying that this is the first time you have encountered an "impact statement" for a marketing strategy? Perhaps The Disgruntled assumes that all of us are dumb enough to think that if we fly Thai Airways we would be "Smooth as Silk", or if we wear Adidas apparel we can become bulletproof because "Impossible is Nothing". Obviously Nuffnang bloggers have the common sense to know the difference between a statement and a catchphrase of an event of company rather than maintain a shrewd mentality to equate everything to sex. Unless of course you yourself are implying we are that stupid.

"5. Nuffnang treats foreign bloggers with more respect. If you read online, they treat Australian bloggers with considerably more respect than local ones which, when you consider that Nuffnang is Malaysian, is a crying shame."
Really now? When majority of the events and activities of the company focuses for bloggers here in Malaysia and the amount of community exposure that is given to Malaysian bloggers is a sign of disrespect? Perhaps I implore that The Disgruntled uses the same effort they use to complain to get to know Nuffnang bloggers in person before assuming how we are treated here in Malaysia.

"6. Nuffnang is advertorial heavy. Advertorials are really not what blogs are about. Being paid to say something is good undermines the value of blogs as word-of-mouth opinion. If So Loverly ever accepted money to say a product was good, when we didn't think so, would you ever trust us again? So Loverly has never accepted money, products or services to voice an opinion we didn't believe. Giving us a free product or service to try merely gives us the chance to try something we might not have otherwise and will usually guarantee an HONEST review. (Edited from "Nuffnang wants us to lie to you" as I felt that was more sensationalist than fair. I don't think advertorials are ethically wrong if disclosed. I do feel they are a strategic mistake however)."
Once again, we bloggers under Nuffnang are mature and logical enough to know that IF YOU DONT BELIEVE IN THE PRODUCT, JUST DON'T ACCEPT. No one would hold grudges on you if you chose to do so and in the end, it is still up to the bloggers to decide whether to write up about a product or not, rather than Nuffnang. To respond on Nuffnang is advertorial heavy, are you saying Advertlets are not?

Finally, one statement I take offence personally then the rest. (save the best for last).

"2. Nuffnang attempts to monopolise bloggers. Recently, Nuffnang created their "Glitterati Plus" group. To belong to it bloggers must, among other things, attend about 50% of all Nuffnang events and attend and post exclusively on Nuffnang events and advertisers. This is ridiculously deluded. The onus is on Nuffnang to create events and campaigns so compelling that bloggers WANT to be at their events. This is how the media is supposed to work. Please don't let them continue with this delusion."
Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when you get a blogger who didn't even take the effort to get to know the subject matter, base their opinions on what they hear from people and make assumptions. As the President of the GPlusMY I refuse to let ignorant fools to take an initiative created to give voice for bloggers and decerate it in this manner. The GPlusMY initiative is to recognise active members ALL THIS TIME and give them further benefit to DECIDE ON OUR OWN ACTIVITY that they choose. An exclusive club that gives bloggers the right to have a say on a Nuffnang sactioned activity. 
I speak on behalf of the council members that we bloggers benefit more than Nuffnang does because even without GPlusMY, BLOGGERS WHO QUALIFY FOR GPLUSMY ARE ALREADY NUFFNANG LOYALIST to begin with.The ruling that are put is just to give a standard to differenciate between bloggers who are active and those who are not within the Nuffnang community. Nothing else.

In conclusion, this is what you get when you get bloggers, whose only initiative in blogging is money, makes a defaming statement without researching what they talk about. As much as they mention that the entire time they never cared about the money, most of you can see that the people supporting The Disgruntled are those who complain Nuffnang does not give them enough money, as if that Nuffnang has that responsibility to them just because they joined the community (referring back to the bloggers I mentioned in my previous post).

I would be one to say to The Disgruntled that if you choose to leave Nuffnang for whatever reasons you want to, do so with some form of dignity rather than "name bashing" people for your own sake. Your comments on our community was unnecessary as we have done nothing to instigate this statements. If you would want your freedom of speech to be respected, do so with a level of professionalism and respect. I'm sure a person of your stature would be able to appreciate that.

I would want to hear from my readers on this matter and I will respond to any arguments that you may have on this matter. However if you choose to do so, have some cajones to tell us who you are rather than to remain annonymous. We don't have room for those who demand a voice but too scared to show face for it in this society.

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  1. Good to read this response from the president himself. In this case, I rather be neutral. Frankly, I don't like the GPlusMY's concept but I am not stopping anyone from joining it. There's only one thing I wanted to highlight here, she mentioned that Nuffnang is advertorial heavy. Doesn't that means the possibility to earn money out of it is better? Don't tell me there's no such blogger who joined Nuffnang not for the sake of the money. Please la people. Lets face it. The job we are all doing now is for the the money that we can earn regardless that we like it or not. 'SO LOVERLY', I dare you to go tell your boss or your future boss that you don't like the job you are doing although they pay you good. Please stop acting like a kid-lah~

    One last thing, if you can gain wealth & popularity with your own bare hands. There's no need to join any social media advertisers that exist. Hey it's a choice! So take it easy! :)

    The CleverMunkey

  2. I went to Nuffnang Philippines a few days ago and I could say that they treat their clients really fairly.I claimed a prize in their office and they welcomed me as if I was a professional blogger :D

    Gettin' money from ads is only a secondary pleasure.Why do this person blog anyway?Solely to earn?That's why there's a big rave in bloggin' nowadays because of the freakin' craving to earn.

    But the real essence of blogging is to share experiences and make new friendships.I started blogging a few years back,and when I joined Nuffnang a month ago I'm so thankful with them with all the attention (and friendships)I made with the blog.

  3. As with Nuffnang MY,Nuffnang PH operates the same thing(contests,promotions,global CPC ads,Glitterati.)I,for one,made a review of the McDonalds Twister Fries thing a few weeks back(which was featured on the NN-PH site)not because I was required to do so but because I found it delicious.

    I mostly find negative reviews on Nuffnang because of their advertising campaign.These people usually are those who blogged solely to earn(check their blogs,almost 50% of the space are ads).Try to look at Innit-what posts have the most nangs?Those "self-help" blogs who teaches you how to gain more unique views,"tricks" to gain more viewing time,power of blog ads,etc,etc.

    I only got $1 from my first month in NN (due to a global CPC campaign) but I felt so happy with it.It's a better feeling when you see in the analytics how your number of visitors increase,how people happily nang each other at innit,and some other thing.I'm not planning to leave Nuffnang (for now) but maybe the next few months may tell me if I wanted to stay.

    So for now I'm satisfied :)

  4. Finally you say something about this.
    If the post was kept as personal no one is going to care but somehow it has been spread too much.
    Blogging is not about earning money or getting famous and treated like social media. Blogging is more to a hobby and media is a job.
    Shall all bloggers unite and be friends than spreading bad news about competitor and start war.

  5. Agree with Supia, somehow I got introduce in Nuffnang Community because is influence by my friend. I dun think that Nuffnang Community use me as a puppet. (as that person mention about) Somehow I am glad that I joined Nuffnang Community, because I had learn alot and got to know more people and also enjoying Blogging. Why don't I ask a question here, why you blog? Why you choose Nuffnang Community? It's very easy to answer right? For the other topic that blogpost had mention about, is not suitable for me to comment it. Lastly I would like to say again "Hello, If you think wording is very hurtful towards your heart, please quit blogging and tweeting. You're not suitable in this cyber world!" Thank You.

  6. and my comment is for the viewer, it is not against this post alright? Cheers =)

  7. I might just blogging n let's nuffang do the rest..............or maybe I am not blogging for money but still being paid fairly.

  8. Originally, I wanted to post a "reply post" as well but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I can't. So I guess I'll just give my two cents here.
    first of all, So Loverly kept saying how we are all "used" by NN etc etc...what about her? isn't she used by Advertlets as well? She tried so hard to sound unbiased but if u read the comments, u'll see that she's obviously being used as a weapon by Advertlets to attack their competitor. The whole post is a regurgitation of what the Advertlets ppl made her belief. They claim themselves to be "professionals" but please...u guys are wayyyy too gullible.

    you think you guys are the first Advertlets has approached?
    you are not. I've been approached by them as well. I've spoken to Josh personally and I know, there's more to the story than that he has just shared with me. I can't be so gullible to just listen to one side of the story and decide right? Well after reading So Loverly's post...i realized that no matter what the real story is, I'm better off with NN. Why? because now i can see clearly how ruthless and desperate Advertlets is.

    As a blogger, I just want to blog about my life, get random strangers to read it, hopefully they'll drop some nice comments and make my day.

    Whatever NN can offer, be it in a form of competition or campaign, it's all just a bonus! I dont rely on the money i earned from blogging to support myself. NN rewards us for doing things we like. They do not OWE us anything.

  9. My my, you have been bought.

    1. Competition. hundreds and thousands bash each other to win AN Ipoop product. Think about how much NN saves by doing competition than campaign.

    4. True to some extend.

    5. Very true.

    6. They pay handsomely I know.

    2. This is very true bro. Some blogger just want to remain anonymous. So he/she may not be able to attend any of the gathering/events by NN. When think about it deeply, GP is really for fanbois who'd suck NN's ball just to rake profit and fame.

  10. well this is interesting.. enjoyed reading, but not much comment :)

  11. Yeah..... its a matter choices that a blogger pick.... Take it or Leave it... LOL

  12. I heard about bloggers talking about that in twitter but I don't know who are they talking about. She expected too much frm Nuffnang, I suppose. If she wants to leave, just leave then. What's the use of writing those remarks, i bet she wanted attention so badly.

  13. well said brother, even if you disagree with the concept of GPlusMY. I keep highlighting on the word choice and unless every blogger out there have the mentality of crap flinging monkeys that don't know better (no pun intended) I am sure that every person is aware enough to get themselves involved with the business.

  14. great that we can get an insight from fellow Nuffies from another country, on the basis that all of us are treated how it is expected to be done with the company.

  15. I have mentioned this before in my previous post, if the sole initiative of a person to blog would be about money, then we have discontent as how we are seeing today. If we continue to talk about how the company fails to give us enough money, bear in mind that not once are WE EMPLOYED BY THEM. the choice is actually ours.

  16. very well put, what I never can understand is how can they claim our rights have been violated when we still have the freedom to voice our opinions from our blogs?

  17. haha no worries.

  18. thats a good way to go about it.

  19. very well put. :D

  20. In response to your comment bro.

    1. once again, every other competition out there offers the same thing and goes about the same concept. why are NN's competitions being treated differently?

    2. as I keep mentioned before, it is the choice of the bloggers to be that way. Is it to the responsibility of NN to keep giving the person benefits when he refuses to be associated to NN? There is a price to pay for being anonymous and that is to continue to live like a hermit.

  21. no worries. always a pleasure to have you reading my post mate! :D

  22. Likewise, no one is stopping her from crossing over and surely there is no need for the "announcement style "i'll-have-a-last-hit" comment before doing so. As a professional that she claims, surely can just go about doing so with some form of grace.

  23. exactly. beat the original purpose of having blog communities in the first place. the audacity of some people.

  24. nicely said.. Everyone have the rights to do what they want to do. We are all adults and who can force us to do something we dont want to do??? =.=

  25. its difficult to please everybody...so...fight fire with water...

  26. Gosh maybe she thought that nuffnang is manned by rich people who can give money for free to every blogger out there lol.
    But nuffnang don't need people like her to be in their community anyways so it's a good thing she left^^

  27. i think the disgruntled was emo for some reason. but still, it's his/her right to voice it out... just how the readers understand. to accept or not, well... we r matured enough to think rite? i respect the way you explained n you've got the points. being bloggers, it's up to us... wanna write 4 passion? your choice... write for money? it's in your hand.. just be true to yourself and your readers... thats it! way to go, mr president!! heheheh....

  28. Well, to a certain extent, I respect bloggers like So Loverly who is bold enough to publicly express her thoughts although there might be flaws in it that is disagreeable. It's her freedom of expression after all and so is our freedom to make rebuttals based on it, notwithstanding that her opinions on Nuffnang were pure horsecrap with no base of proof.

    However, intense hatred should be subjected to those who comment on this issue anonymously with the desire to flame up this issue and bring further tension to the relationship between bloggers of both networks. If they really have something to say but too petrified to let others know their identity, they should have just kept their trap shut.

  29. Eddie, kalau Tuan Presiden tak kata apa-apa, bukan Tuan Presiden la namanya. If Vedder doesn't stand up for GP, NN and for their warts and all, who else will?

    I think Vedder is just discharging his duties. Whether or not he is a sellout/NN ball-sucker is a debate for another day.

    But in any case even as a neutral, this post has achieved it's objectives: controversy & traffic.

  30. exactly. come at least we all have some common sense than what she claims us to be.

  31. true. there are plenty of us here that are more than happy to be part of the community. no need to have her around.

  32. thanks so much for your opinion. I agree completely that it is to her prerogative to voice out her feelings but to some extent, she should not have gone down bashing others for it. hence the response. :D

  33. there has been a lot of talks on your comment on the post bro in regards of the matter and 100% of the people I talked to love the way you handled the situation + actually having the cajones to at least tell people who you are. the anonymous bunch (which i refer to in my tweets as "the cowards") should not be given the right to speak to start with!

  34. true true...

  35. Each to his own I guess. For me I used to share The Disgruntled POV at the beginning when I joined NN. When money was the reason why I blogged and I developed a serious case of Blog Envy. I too wanted to get advertorials, I wanted to get invited to awesome events and blog about it. And its not fair that the same blogger are always getting invited receiving advertorials to write up.
    I actually shut down my old blog.
    But then I realized, I miss blogging. I miss the community and eventually I came back, this time not for money but for the love of blogging.
    It took me 3 years but I'm now a G+ member in SG. Like what you said, its up to us to decide whether we want to do an advertorial or not, attend or reject an event. I've had my fair share of invites and I've rejected a few because I don't like the product/movie or it goes against my disclosure policy.
    NN is accepting of that fact and doesnt take it against me by revoking my G+ status or not inviting me to events.
    NN is also still a business and a middlemen. Advertisers are picky in demographics and have a say to who gets it. NN just can't invite anybody they want to. You cant expect a 60 year old blogger to blog about a mobile youth plan when his readership is catered to a younger age group?? Or invite someone who only has a readership of 10 persons per month.
    If The Disgruntled have a bone to pick, go for the advertiser. They're paying you. Not NN. They just pay NN management fees. Just like any "middlemen" type of business.

  36. when they don't get what they want, the only thing they would do is name bashing... i'm new to nuffnang and I don't think nuffnang favours the same bloggers... i got equal chance in participating all events provided that I express my interest in participating them... so, to the disgruntled blogger, u should stop being lazy, if you want something to come your way...

  37. hhahahaha hahah hahhaha ahahahah hahaha

  38. There is a difference between not blogging about money and not getting used/creamed by nuffnang and their shareholders. Even if you don't blog for money, there's no reason to be used by them. It's the matter of principle.

  39. I'm so sorry that I only managed to focus on the words 'crap flinging monkeys'.

    Was that a reference to South Park's episode for human evolution? LOL

  40. I too advocate freedom of speech. Intelligent speech that is. Based on facts and not raging emotions, dangerous stuff. I joined NN not expecting to be God like level of earning, but just to earn so extra cash while learning & sharing but blogs and meeting fellow like minded bloggers. Apple or Berry? Or none at all, it's a choice to what suits u better.

  41. Zaba, tuan President patut delegate, barulah namenye TUAN PRESIDENT. Hahahahaha

    Yeah, he is exercising it well. Saje kacau2 kawan :)

  42. 1. Agree. But you can't actually compare with competitions out there. Those competitions are Business-Customer relation. This is Business-NN-Publisher. That's a different ball game altogether. But speaking of competitions, there was one particular competition that created a dispute. It was the Sony TX something. The rules kept changing. First said Gliteratti, then no gliterrati. It said SNAP PICTURES not create images. Totally different rules altogether. And like ALWAYS, T&C applies... booo.

    2. The reason people become a so call hermit, is because they want to protect their social interest. The last you'd want is your boss to snoop around your blog and caught you bitching about work. That's just one example. What about those who stays in Kelantan or Sabah? Can they afford to travel to KL bi-weekly just to be a GP? Unless they have a pimped sugar daddy, that's a different story.

    3. Now that you've created GP, what's after this? GPP? for those who attend 100% NN's event? Get real my friend. The world does not revolve around blogs.

    4. I guess at the end of the day, what most NN publisher wants is a fair chance at getting promoted as well. Not the same ol same ol. Boring la weyy..


  43. I can understand where she's coming from. To be honest, it was well filtered and well written. She's addressing her disagreement. In every large organization, we need people like her, to restore the balance. Not everything is flowery garden like ;)

  44. Eddie, come join us at Nuffnang events. Maybe then, you'd change a little bit of your perception (if not all). But then again, maybe you wouldn't want to join us because we're such [insert appropriate adjective] bloggers who would suck up to every event by Nuffnang. *sob, sob*

    And then again, I really, really hate to say this but if you have never joined us at gatherings, we can ALMOST NEVER agree with you because how should I put this, you only comment based on your observation, what you've read, and bla dee bla dee bla daa. I can't help to think that you know nothing (ok, maybe 15%. no? fine! 30% deals off!) of the community.

    About Soloverly and her comments, I can take it in but I must say that 'moist' part being all 'horny' is super ridiculous (Eddie, are you saying that part is well-written too?)! :P

    And ohh, you didn't read the requirements on eligibility to be a GPlusMY member? If they are not within the Klang Valley, they can fulfil the blog post and contest requirement. Again, we council are trying to address those who are far geographically. Yeah, not that you care. Then, why care to comment eh? :P

    But since you have given us some feedback, we will get the council to sit and talk through with the Nuffies. Don't know if you want to know this or not (ah gonna say it anyway!), but not all Nuffnang bloggers can agree with Nuffnang a 100% all the time. Ask Shah, he knows that some of us do give the Nuffies a hard time, especially when it comes to the club requirements. And Shah, now you know why some of us are being difficult. :P

    Like I said earlier, you wouldn't know all this if you're not part of the community/club.

    True, the world does not revolve around blogs and that is exactly why we have *cough* GPlusMY *cough* events to attend and contests to win moolah! (yes money, because blogging earns me less than RM1/week! Curse you NN! :P)

    You too, get real my friend! :P

    p.s. I'm serious, join us at events! Maybe I can pujuk Robb to allow you to attend out events k. Ehh Robb, back-door invites not allowed??? Alaaa WHYYY!!! :P

  45. quite honestly for most people out there would only share your POV after going through the same road as how you would have put it. Unfortunately some bloggers might have voiced out their disgruntled opinions without looking at it in a mature, bigger picture. kudos to your comment mate.

  46. exactly. some must check on their motivation to blog.

  47. exactly. while some like yourself might have the correct view on blogging, there are others who fail to look at it in a bigger picture. Which I find unfortunate...

  48. yet again another great post, its like im reading from star newspaper on political view heheh. :D
    well i personally think its not really good to diss anyone like what that lovey dovey person did because it's gonna bite them back.
    if people loke loverly doesn't like nuffnang, it's okay! because without them nuffnang will still have 99.9% of supporters. cheerio~

  49. Well said Atreyu.

    To be honest, shah grew up with me 5 years in Kuala Kangsar. His bed is just right in front of mine. Sekali sekale pull friend's leg laa.

    Anyway, I did NOT read the prerequisite of NN GP. HAhah. Why? Hmm.. I'm not into all these things la. I have tonnes on my plate right now.

    But occasionally, I do submit entries for contest purposes. Of course, the term changes. First Gliterrati, then no need Gliterrati.. So whats the point of Gliterrati then?

    The first to address, is Gliterrati itself. It's a weak mechanism.

    I am honored that you invite me to such event, unfortunately, I have too much to chew at the moment. I would attend something that is not so posh, at clubs with alco or poolside with sexy legs etc because it would change the course of the event to something else (unless intended to).

  50. Trust me Eddie, it's so easy to detect the similarities of you MCKK boys! :P

  51. yeah...that 1 i agree... keep on pointing to ppl means u r defensive...