Proton APRC 2010 FTW!!!

Once again, our very own national treasure has made our country proud. Long gone were the days that people would say that our own product would never amount to anything in the eyes of the world.

How wrong are they?

Earlier this month, after a 5 year long hiatus of the competition, Team Proton R3 Malaysia Rally Team ended their returning season in the Asia Pacific Rally Championship with a second place overall standing in the Manufacturer Championships, ahead of rally giants Subaru for the season. Who would have thought right, for Proton to have a year's supply of bragging rights over Subaru!

The season for Proton was never an easy one. Being an underdog amongst the rest of the manufacturer's that were competition in the competition, Proton had to struggle an uphill battle to really claim their stake with the competition. However with the research and development team under Proton Race Rally Research, Proton managed to not only survive the competition but  showed that they are no pushovers with the competition. Alongside a great team of manufacturers, we had the talents of Alister McRae and Chris Atkinson behind the wheels of the car.

[The Dynamic Duo!]

At one point I did think to myself, why the name Alister McRae was so familiar, only to realize that he is the younger brother of the late legend of Colin McRae who was remembered among rally fans as one of the great rally legends and was tragically killed in a helicopter accident. For looking at what his younger brother has achieved, there is a proud smile in heaven from his older brother...

So what is next for Team Proton? Perhaps with this leverage, we would be looking forward to what the team would be able to give for next season. As long as the team stays with the motivation and commitment that the team have, it won't be long till we get to number 1. One thing for sure though, they now have the full support of every proud Malaysian in the country.

Well done Proton, you made Malaysia proud. You deserve TehTarik's acknowledgment of legendary awesomeness.
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