DiGi Pimp My Music @ Zouk KL

So far, I've been uber impressed with the effort that DiGi is taking to really be involved with us bloggers and fellow Nuffnangers and sure enough, they embarked on another party with us to promote their latest creation which is the DiGi Music Application! As per usual I wouldn't want to be the monkey to miss out on a DiGi event (and of course an excuse to let some steam off after work!), I made my way to their party and this is what I got!

[Teh Tarik Buble!]

So, it being a music event for DiGi, participants were required to dress up according to their favorite musician of all time and for me, I went old school. Tussling from several key musicians, I ended up choosing a more jazzy recent singer (of course to avoid me sounding old for choosing a musician nobody has heard before) I went for the whole Michael Buble look. Reason being is that it works the look and for the sake of convenience rocking up from the office and slap on a snazzy blazer on top. On top of that, added suspenders on the inside to have that more old school feel. Wicked!

[pimp it up!]

The night started out slightly wet, with drizzling showers of rain did fall on the area of Zouk KL that night but to my upmost surprise, it never did hinder the attendance of the people coming for the event. Despite it being on a weekday, despite the fact that traffic at that hour was horrendous and despite the fact that it drizzled just enough to annoy the living daylights out of you, a lot of people did show up and with costumes as well!!!

Click on the link to find out who they really are! :D

We have the ever legendary P.Ramlee!

[Check out the 'stash!]


We have our very own Eminem rapper!

[inside joke why I have to use this picture! hahahah!]

And even another Jazzy looking fella who shared my taste is "music costumy!"

[Check us out! :D]

Of course for most of us, the entire night was filled with so many of those who really went all out for the event that night. As most of us would know, there will alway be those who would want to emulate the eccentric and lo behold, there were!

We had the ever glamorous Gaga, Gaga, and even more Gaga!

[For the other two Gagas please please please leave a comment down if you are reading this so I can link you both up! Gracias!]

Heck for the fun of it, since there are a few Gagas around the event, leave a comment and tell me who your favorite is! :D Might do something with the lucky commenter!

Just because eccentricity would be the theme for the night, the ladies would have dominated. The guys also put up a good fight with these two dressing up with full costume respectfully.

We have Marilyn Manson and Elvis on the event!

[Shades and Hair Galore!]

Even the Nuffies were going at it, with some going to make it as the next Malaysian superstar! Some would want to

[If she becomes famous, this pic is worth a lot! :D]

[Nuffie Girls letting lose while being photobomb by cameraman!

So as the night went by, we all had our share of food and drinks to begin with as well as some time to really mingle around, which I always enjoy. One of the things that I found great about events like this is not only would you have the chance to know of a new product but it gives you a chance to know new people. For those who don't know me that well yet, trust me when I say this the minute you come around and say hi to me, I'll probably end up having a full on chat with you in 5 minutes!

We had a few presentations of what DiGi had to offer, basically they launched their very own IPhone application that would allow the users to download unlimited amount of music for as low as RM5 ringgit a month which I thought was reasonable considering what people would usually pay for online music, if you even pay to begin with! :D

[our emcee for the night, Adam Lambert!]

Continuing on with fun and games of the night, it wouldn't be right being in Zouk without some dancing bloggers to come around with and that is exactly what happened! Its one thing that I am sure off that bloggers would know more than having a good time is to boogie on the dance floor and so they did! :D

[bloggers getting their shake on!]

Hell there was even a moment for my 30 seconds of fame where I had a shot to sing a number from the musician I am dressed like. Thank god for my selection, I managed to pull of a 30 seconds number to the agony of those listening to me belting to Sway!

[bring on the Sway!]

Finally the moment that most bloggers attending would be waiting for, as mentioned by the good people of Nuffnang, the best dressed bloggers for the night would walk out with a brand spanking new IPhone 3GS for the night and obviously, I managed to catch a picture with the finalist before all hell breaks loose! Eventually the phone went to one of the Gaga's for a rather "promiscuous" dance, not that I am complaining. :D I'm sure that all the guys attending would feel the same!

[With the Finalist!]

And so, the night ended with a blast and I am sure that many would agree with me! Like I would always say, I would really look forward for the next gathering, party or event that they are organizing and for the known fact, there will be a lot of support coming from the side of the bloggers. As for DiGi, keep the relations close with the bloggers guys, come at least you have this blogger's support to your events! :D

And peeps, don't forget to tell me who your favorite Gaga is! :D

Credits for the pics that are not mine would go to the ever great Sdr. Shahrol, Sdr. Tikkos and Sdr. Areal! Thanks guys! 

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