The Word is Out! Glitterati Plus MY AGM

It was a well kept and mysterious secret among some of us bloggers here in Malaysia and now, the word is out! For several months the good people of Nuffnang and a few of us have been working on a project. The idea is to collect a group of active bloggers  among the thousand of Glitterati members under the Nuff umbrella and create a group that will not only be actively involved with exclusive activities but would even have the power and say to the activities that we would want in the future, WITH THE SUPPORT OF NUFFNANG themselves!

[Behold the birth of GPlusMY!]

We had our own test group to go on and see whether or not the response of several Glitterati members would suit well to the objectives of the club and lo behold, the response has been awesome! So therefore Nuffnang then decided to now open the club officially to the public!

Before I have been hinting around my blog about the upcoming meeting (read the pre-meeting "sneaky sneaky" post here) but because of my obligations with the club, I choose to remain anonymous about my knowledge of the club itself, until the surprise is revealed! :D

So we managed to got hold of the great people of Taylor's University to house our very first meeting in one of their uber futuristic halls. The best thing here is that I am actually an alumni in Taylor's back when the main campus was in Subang Jaya SS15 and personally I found it amazing to see the vast improvements on the campus and facilities that they offer to their students. Almost everything in their grounds are revamp to the most up to date technology and facilities which made our meeting that much comfortable and helpful. Kudos to the people of Taylor's for their kindness, my only complain is why all this facilities were not done when I was with them? :(

Rantings aside, me and the crew made our way to organize, set up and also ensure that everything was in order.

[much to Fresh's dismay, I still wanted to perform my rendition of Justin Bieber...]

[...but obviously the crowd was feeling it. It's the song's fault]

[Practicing my speech pose before the crowd got in!]

Once everything was in motion, we got the show on the road. The response that we got from those who wanted to attend the meeting was overwhelming and we had a great deal of bloggers coming for the show. Basically the idea behind having this meeting is to have people to know more about the purpose of the club itself and also address any questions regarding the club itself. Apart from that, it also serves as an introductory initiative by the club itself to reach further with future members themselves.

First up we had an introductory speech by Fresh, followed by Tim who explained the whole history of the coming of Nuffnang as a company and community.

[Fresh and Tim in action!]

And then came the moment of truth. I came around and explained to the public how does the club works and of course, introducing the current Glitterati Plus (GPlus) Malaysia's Council and members to the crowd.

[Speech Time!]

Based on what we have so far, I tried my level best on explaining what can the group do collectively, I also address several questions and concerns in regards to how exactly does the club works. They always say that a good speaker can sometimes emerge with the help of a good crowd and personally I got that from the crowd. A lot of the people there were very responsive to the the things that was said during the presentation as well as questions being thrown at myself and Tim afterwards. You guys even laughed at my lame jokes! :D

When talking to the crowd during and after the speech, there were a few questions that were noted to me on several matter and I thought it would be good for me to highlight some of them here.

Questions that were asked during the meeting!

Q: What are the criteria that is needed to have to join GPlusMY?
Basically as mentioned in the meeting, each members are required to fulfill at least two criterias that were mentioned, which are to have at least 5 posts a month for a designated blog, participation of at least 30% of the events organised by Nuffnang or participation of 50% of contest organised by Nuffnang

Apart from that, one of the things highlighted is also that bloggers who apply would also have to be affiliated ONLY to Nuffnang (much like the Glitterati rules).

Q: Where can one find the rules and regulations for the club?
At the moment, there are a few tweaks and alterations made for the club constitution and soon enough, we will make the rules and regulations available to the general public.

Q: Are the rules applicable to the activities made by the bloggers in the past?
No, the rules given above EXCEPT for the conditions to join the club is not retrospective so we would only look into the rules once you join the club.

Q: Is the objective of the club merely for journalistic bloggers because of the events?
Even though that most of the benefits for the bloggers would be with events, the main objective of the club is to have events that WE AS BLOGGERS have a say to it.

Q: Is there an age limit to the membership? (my fav question yet! :D)
Nope, as long as the criteria above are met, you are more than welcome to apply!

Q: Is there a limit to the target number of members
As mentioned by Tim, the club has no target of making an x number of members so for this matter we would only decide depending on the applications to the club itself...

Q: Would there be any activities done for the people outside of KL?
Initiatives are being made to rectify this situation, I assure you that... :D

Q: What are the methods of communicating with GPlusMY?
At the moment, members are able to communicate with the council and other members via our Twitter account (@GPlusMY), our very own Facebook fan page as well as our very own website which is currently in the works!

All in all, the entire event was a great success which is hopefully a good sign on things to come. Obviously the event would not have been as how it is without its own cast of support:

Council members TianChad, Atreyu, Suresh and Serge for their never ending effort to make this possible.

Nuffnang advisors Robb, Fresh and Mich for the advisory, technical and physical support to the team

Special mention to Rabi and  M.Zaid for their help enlisting themselves as Atreyu's "assistant" for the day. Also to Shahrul for his photography assistance!

And finally to all of those who attended and made this possible! :D

So on behalf of the Council and current members of GPlusMY, we would welcome you guys to join us! :D

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