With everything that has been happening around me recently, I haven't had the chance to blog on ideas that I have been storing in this little head of mine. So, this is something I would really love to write for anyone who has ever thought that all is lost because of a tragic thing that has happened to them.

Sometimes the burden of the world rest on your shoulders.

Sometimes the expectations of those around you can be intoxicating.

Sometimes when that certain something happens to you, you think that hope is gone.

Sometimes it can be irritating when fate, people and even yourself tells you that you're worth nothing now.

Sometimes you know that its not fair for that thing to happen to you, over and over again.

Sometimes, no one would ever know how hard it is to overcome your own obstacles, because they think its that easy.

but for most of the time, the only way to judge a person is not of his/her failures but on how fast you brush yourself up and fight again.

Sometimes the world may be against you, but thats OK.

Sometimes the things you think you deserve to get, would never be given to you easily. Hence you fight to get it.

Sometimes at times when the whole world against you, you smile and just keep fighting because you know there is nothing that can dent hope.

Sometimes when time, situation, people and everything else says you failed, you come back stronger.

Sometimes you have to believe that there is no such thing that can destroy hope.

Hang in there, you'll get there. I know so.

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  1. Allah tak kasi kesusahan kalau tak ada jalan keluar.. huhu

  2. your picture at the end of the post... epic... lol

  3. Sometimes the things you think you deserve to get, would never be given to you easily. Hence you fight to get it. TOTALLY!!

  4. Sometimes i always think that, things happen for a reason.

  5. Sometimes you are doing the right thing for your own good........Congrats!!!!

  6. i think u r wiser thinker...
    anything is the best if u sTiLL know what u really needs.. hehe..

  7. oh teh tarik...akak suka minum teh tarik...

    oo ada yer masa vaseline tu..kenapalah kita tak bertegur sapa..untung kamu baru berblog dah dapat jadi featured blogger...memang dah rezeki kamu...

  8. sometimes sacrifices will bring more happiness to you... :)

  9. Sometimes i have to write here...sometimes i hope people would listen more instead of judging others

  10. betul tu, it is OK world is against you, yang penting sabar

  11. kata-kata hikmah dari I: kadang-kadang kita harap panas sampai ke petang tapi hujan di tengah hari...tapi lepas ujan tu ade pelangi...
    gambar u: kelakar la u ni..hahaha...