A Really Geeky Love Song

For most of you guys out there, so many of us grew up with video games being A MAJOR role in our lives. Regardless how your background was or at what era you grew up with, each of us will always have that "video game" phase that you will never forget in your life.

I am a video game geek and I will admit that. Not to the point that I would obsessed with games in general but I do have times where I would go on endlessly about how cool would it be to reach that level and how cool would it be to get that armor or weapon. Something that I am sure most of you guys out there would understand where I am coming from...

[Mario was one of my poison!]

So it would be obvious that our better halves would assume that this obsession of ours would consume our very personality and I admit, some of us would actually neglect our better halves for the sake of finishing that one stubborn level. There are times that Ave T would complain that I would sometimes lose my romantic side because of games.

This guy proved that game obsession can still be romantic. Listen to the lyrics properly!

 [Mario Kart Love Song!]

Recently there is a new trend of StarCraft 2 players running around the gaming scene, which I have to admit has changed the entire gaming world around us. But that does not mean that we would have to lose our romantic side as well! Sdr. Nasriq brought this to my attention and for all you guys out there who are now in the battle phase of StarCraft 2 and thinks their wives/girlfriends/scandal does not understand you, maybe this is what they really are saying...

Geeks need some loving too sometimes...

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