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Wish (/wɪʃ/)
-verb (to be used with an object) : to want; desire; long for (usually followed by an infinitive or a claus).

Promise (/ˈprɒmɪs/)
-noun: a declaration that something will or will not be done or given

DiGi (/ˈdɪdʒɪ/)
-company: an awesome telecommunication company. Has a large mascot that looks like Harith Iskandar, but yellower.

For every man there will always have a wish or a dream that he would one day be able to fulfill. For myself, I too have so much in mind but one would always be the one that got away...

If you have been following my escapades on this blog, one of the major things I would love to take time to do is to travel. Not fancy big bucks travel with expensive hotels or such but rather backpack travelling from one country to another. You see, ever since I was young I used to read stories about the life, culture and everything else that you can find in other countries.

Back in the days when I was studying in England, I realized that the rest of the cast of #TeamTehTarik had the same passion and dreams as I did to travel around Europe, which was the one accessible to us at that time. So we huffed and puffed the entire year, working and saving money as much as we can in order for us to make it for our travels and made so many plans to visit so many countries in Europe that year. After all that time, we finally saved enough money to backpack around Europe!

[A backpack of clothes and a head full of dreams!]

Unfortunately, we were there during the hard times of economy in England as well as in Europe. The worth of all the money we saved up for the entire year was devalued, to the point that our entire grand master plan was reduced to only two countries. Despite us making the best of the trip, we all had to let go our grand plan of backpacking around Europe. The day when we let it go, we vowed that one day we will make that dream come true one day when we find a way to do it. Years went by and until now, we never did get the chance to make that trip.

 [They're baaaacckkk!]

Now, #TeamTehTarik's dream of backpacking around Europe has just been given a new lifeline, thanks to the beautiful people at DiGi who are now all ears about our long abandoned plan of continuing our backpacking travels around Europe!

If you ask Cereal, her obsession about Europe has always been the historical and cultural side of European towns!

[Obviously he is not feeling the love...]

[A real windy visit!]

[Someone getting a bit too excited with Scottish big cannons]

Say what you want to say about fashion bloggers but I would have to admit that this girl really does know her way around finding sites and historical locations within the town that we visit. Most of the time when she's around, you wouldn't even have to research about places to visit, chances are she would already know where to go. Despite having an impressive credentials of site visits, there are still so many places that she would love to finish off her list of places to visit!

If you ask Ave T, her idea of backpacking is to trail blaze across Europe as fashionably as possible. Holding on to her status as one of the fashionistas in our group, her objectives is to check herself in some of Europes most fashionable districts or just having an outfit in almost any terrain we can find in Europe!

[Hitting up London with some autumn wear!]

[Or even dressed to kill for summer!]

However, she never did manage to get her wish to at least visit some of the fashion districts of Europe or even the fashion capitals in Europe. Something that she would love to get back into gear as how we planned in the very beginning!

If you asked me, obviously I would give the guy's answer. My entire life, I have been obsessed with football and particularly Manchester United! From our original plan, I was to visit almost all of the famous football stadiums in Europe and at least be able to proclaim that I have visited some of the famous grounds the Man United had played in. 

[Click on the thumbnails to see proof of my obsession with Man United!]

But of course, the dream was to not only visit stadiums in Europe but to visit the stomping ground of fanatical fans like myself, and maybe just have a chance for a player to sign my most prized possession as a Man United supporter.

Back in the time when Manchester United was looking around for a new sponsor, they ventured the possibilities of having a Malaysian company to sponsor their kit for that season. Dato' Tony Fernandez made it public that his company AirAsia was one of them and he was given a proposed kit.

And I too own one! :D

By far this is my most prized possession that I have as a fan and I would love to dream and wish so much to be able to make it to Old Trafford and get a player to sign this kit of mine. Being able to do so would mean the very world to me and I would love to have this dream fulfilled!

So, what can you guys do to help us fulfill this dream? Just get yourself to the DiGi fan page on Facebook, find our entry there and please, please, please vote for us for the win! Do spread the word to your Mom, Dad, sis, brother, grandma, grandpa, auntie, uncle and even your cat to vote for us to win! Our dreams are in your hands!

 [Pretty Please?]


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  1. i like to go, hehe but to Anfield..kekeke

  2. hey.. nice pics u have there.. hehe.. like the one that ur jumping up.. ! and go ManU

  3. backpacking around Europe! Good luck y'all! :)

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  9. of course for liverpool fans....

  10. thanks very much! and great to see another MU fan

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  12. yup already using the new camera for the shots!

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  14. no thats mine! :)

  15. glory indeed!

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  17. Why is there a Tenaga Nasional logo on the jersey? :p

  18. because that is the jersey Man Utd proposed to Tenaga Nasional to sponsor their club after vodafone. :D