A Teh Tarik Aidilfitri

Salam people!

Its that time of the year again for most of us in Malaysia and as expected, the same can be expected for the people in my house as well. After a month of going through fasting month (which I have to admit was not much of a challenge for me this year), the day itself is truly a day of celebration with copious amount of food to eat and an even larger quantity of biscuits to much.

Quite naturally, an event such as this would be the best opportunity for bloggers such as myself (and every other blogger out there) to capture what we truly see during Aidilfitri celebrations. So, with the help of TeamTehTarik's usual camera, SafrizOnline as well as my trusty brother Shazrin (made famous from certain Project Alpha audition videos in the past), we all set to find what Aidilfitri truly means to most of us in Malaysia.

To many of us, the day is meant to celebrate family and forgiveness, something that perhaps a lot of us may have forgotten the past one year. It reminded me of the days when I had to celebrate abroad, without family and friends around, its days like this that makes me appreciate those around me even more.

[nom noms!]

To some of us, its always about the food galore that you can only taste and witness this time around of the year. When else that it is required as your civic duty to actually come and eat everything that you see fit, even if it means going back home with a sore tummy?

To some of us the day is even the time you take the effort to go back to where you were from. Spending some time back in the rural areas of Malaysia sometimes do make you appreciate more things in your life, which may have been forgotten throughout the years but nevertheless should be appreciated before taken away by time.

Of course, it wouldn't be Aidilfitri without including some pictures of the other "resident" of rural areas.

[Its one thing to be ignore by people, another to be ignored by poultry...]

Although we had to go through the stink of the pens, its always fun to chase around them birds like how we used to. However this time I am a bit more aware of running into a pile of "natural stink bombs" while trying to chase after the chickens.

In the end of the day, regardless what your reason and views of celebrating Aidilfitri, its always good to come back to where everything begins. The one thing that me and my brothers find is that regardless of what might become of us in our lives, we always take it upon to ourselves during this time of the month to be our kiddish self again, just to get into the spirit of the celebration. Honestly, its amazing to see that so many others seem to be doing the same too! :D

From all of us under TeamTehTarik

Photos are courtesy of TeamTehTarik member SafrizOnline. Do check out his work at the link!

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