Of Deaths and Festivities

As expected during this time of the year, many have come to visit and in the same time, many stories are shared among us. One of the most talked about stories right now would be the case of Datuk Sosilawati's disappearance and murder that has been going on for the past couple of weeks.

[Report from the past week]

For those who don't really know what is going on, Datuk Sosilawati, one of Malaysia's successful beauty product queen, was reported missing for the past one week. Since then, many speculations has been made in regards of her disappearance, including those who mentioned of her carrying MYR 4 million with her associates to conclude a land deal. Since then, police have been on a nationwide hunt for her and unfortunately, on the day of Eidulfitri, they found her remains, murdered together with her associates, burneds and her ashes thrown in a location called Banting.

Since then, many have written, blogged or even reported on the news itself. However I thought to myself, while listening to my mom and her friends chat about the case, why would all this cases happen during a time where it is to be the day of festivities and celebration?

[Tragic tale of Nurin]

Before this case, we remembered the tragic death of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, who went missing weeks before Eidulfitri and was found just days after celebrations. It is cases such as this that I wonder what person would be so inhumane to actually do this in the namesake of their own personal interest, be it for money or even other reasons that we would fail to understand. In the end, perhaps so many would fail to realize that the pain and suffering would actually be tenfold for the family as this would happen now, among any other times of the year.

What I shudder to think that how many would have to suffer before these people, who have the audacity to do this would be caught, tried and punished for their own wrongdoings? How many would have to go through the pain and suffering knowing that celebrations for a festive day such as this would no longer mean anything because of what has happened.

My thoughts and prayers go to the family of Datuk Sosilawati as well as the other three associates who were brutally murdered for their loss and hopefully justice may be done to those who are heartless enough to commit such a crime. Once again, it is a hard task for me to write a post under this category.

Do write in your thoughts on this matter. Perhaps those in relation to the deceased would see this post.

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  1. I believe a lot of criminals still roaming free without getting any form of punishment no matter what they did. That's why people tend to believe life's unfair. Real judgement will not arrive when these criminals are still alive. I happens when they are dead. Death isn't always the end of the journey. Maybe this way, we all can be less surprised and judgemental if cases like these happen again.