Link Referral vs. Innit

This should be my second posting on a web traffic, I promised myself not to do too much on this seeing that I am not too keen on focusing to much about gaining traffic. However over the past few weeks, the amount of traffic that comes to my site has relatively shifted from the norm.

[How effective can this be?]

In my previous post (check it out here) I've highlighted several sites that I have tested out over the past couple of months and determine whether they really come up to their promise. So far, after extending my usage to promote my site even further, I realized that there has been a shift of source for traffic to my site from Link Referral!

As for most of us blogger here in Malaysia, we're used on relying the services of Innit in order to promote traffic to our site, which so far to my point of view is STILL the number one provider for traffic to my site but every now and then, Link Referral does throw a curve ball to compete for the number one spot.

Frankly, I do realize that there are a bajillion of those out there telling about sites that actually work and for me, I've pretty much tested them all and failed. Except for this one.

How Easy it is To Use?

As how most would know, getting a traffic promotion site to work for your site needs work, and this site is no different. So many of them out there promises easy referral and as far as I am concerned if they do promise you that, they are lying. 

The site requires you to visit other members each day in order to get your site up and above their list of websites, provided that you're looking to get the benefits out of this services for free. Nevertherless, earning "credits" daily gives you the option to hop around other sites, categorized by your topic of interest, much how you would work StumbleUpon.

I spend around 15 minutes a day doing my required rounds  to get my site on top of the list, which is by far a slightly easier way and less time spent for promoting my site.

How does this Benefit my Site?

Once you get yourself up on the list, other members from around the world would be more likely to see your site while they are doing their own rounds themselves. Imagine a barter system, only for blog traffic! :D

According to the site, once you get yourself to the top of the list, you are more likely to get on average of 60 visits a day, provided that you are hardworking enough to ensure that your site is always on top. In reality, the traffic would never get to that high but it does guarantee  hit around 30 visits a day which by my count is still kinda impressive.

Pros of Site

The entire layout and interface of the site is easy to get used to so for most new users would be up and running with the system within hours of using the site. As far as I am concerned, there are really nothing much to complain about the usage of the site as a retarded monkey with a banana in one hand would be able to figure out this site.

Another good thing about this site is that it has a commenting system, which allows other members to give GENUINE feedback towards your site. Just don't take into heart if they are negative though...

Cons of Site

The one problem I find about using this site is that some of the members have uber huge sites which requires a decaded to load, which can be quite irritating especially when you are there to browse for credits. Some of the sites also link towars bad links, which does irritate me every now and then.

Second problem would be your own self discipline. One thing this system requires is the diligence of the user to actually sit and go through the entire process, which can be tedious to do (fine, I'll admit I do get my lazy spells every now and then).


Honestly, I do not see this site to replace Innit as the main source of traffic referring site but it does hold on as a very good supplementary source for your site. While it lacks the personal touch like Innit, I do believe it does provide the straight forward solution to your traffic needs, if that is what you are after.

Check out Link Referral on the links around this site! Go on press it.... you know you wanna!

Alright, no more blog whoring.

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  1. great stuff. lets hope it works for you as well!

  2. i suppose moderating your comments are the only way to do so

  3. Thanks for sharing a guide on how to improve the traffic. I will try and register under your name soon. Btw, your Alexa Rank is awesome. =)