Hey Ya - Acoustic Cover

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Today would be one of those days, where you literally laze about the house aimlessly, hoarding your refrigerator for something to much. Ah yes, the beauty of enjoying your holidays is to comfort yourself to do absolutely nothing at all...

Then again, looking at the blogroll on my site, I realized that its been a while since I did any musical cover, last time being my audition video for Project Alpha Season  (read the post here).

And so, equipped with trusty guitar and a ridiculously blurry camera (for those who have been following my blog, I'm sure that you've seen me rant about my Samsung NV12 and how incompetent it has been), I ventured around my room to make this video.

[Hey Ya - Acoustic Cover]

Yup, now everyone knows I'm bored to tears. Next post will be a good one peeps!

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