Has Blogging Now Only Been About Money?

Recently, I've been asked to discuss about a growing trend among bloggers today, that the very motivation of bloggers to blog anymore is no longer the same as what we thought it would be. Judging from the amount of postings that people have done, there is a sharp increase of popularity among bloggers to promote or post about their earnings from their blog.

My main concern is, is that the only thing that matters to bloggers these days? Has the very motivation of bloggers are now just about monetary gains? 

Of course I am not trying to preach on morality over monetary, or anything along those lines but what I question is that on certain aspects on bloggers, there has been growing concerns that bloggers are now using that motivation to promote their blog, some aggressively, to either obtain more cash out of their blogs OR using that topic as a mean to obtain more traffic towards their site. Personally, I can't stand those who feel that monetary reasoning or motivation is THE ONLY thing that drives them to blog, and I'll tell you why.

As I said in my earlier, I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THOSE POSTINGS ADS ON THEIR SITES or even blog about it, on the very reason that some of the post on MoaTTD has been about advertisements as well. My beef come against those who either have forgotten about the very reason of him/her starting a blog in the first place and is more concern about trying to earn a quick buck over their blogs. Its a shame to think that this would be the easy route to make money and in the end bastardize those who actually appreciates blogging as a platform to share ideas or just to talk about their daily lives. 

One of the major problem would be pestering others to the benefit of their own.

For most of us bloggers in Malaysia, we rely on blogging marketing platforms such as Nuffnang or Adverlets, who are companies which is suppose to unite bloggers around and in the same time promote their own sites from these platforms. HOWEVER today we can see that there are a minority few that has taken upon themselves to not only promote but pester those relentlessly to come to their sites for their ads and even some would even make the move to actually forget BASIC SOCIAL COURTESY OR DECENCY when doing so.

Aggressive tactics have made some of us forget the importance of socializing, respecting others outside and ESPECIALLY loyalty, where in the end the loyalty of bloggers can be bought with a measly amount of cash. No longer having the loyalty like a basic human being would have but as a mercenary where their loyalty lies to the person that can give them the best benefit.

Second observation is that monetary postings seem to be getting a major attention among readers, particularly in Malaysia. 

The idea that people today get is that the more you write about money, the more interest you would obtain into your site, something which I think its a sad picture to paint. For some of my readers out there, I'm sure that you would realize that people are now just generally interested to find out how much is the other person making and how the person did it. Henceforth my question, is that all there is in their motivation to either blog or read? Whatever happened to those who actually want to read to be informed over things OTHER than money? Where have they all gone? In all honesty, I am sure that there will be those out there who came reading this post on the simple reason they saw the word "MONEY" and "BLOG" on its title.

"For most of the top bloggers in Malaysia, take out their opportunity to make money and they would still be blogging"
- Timothy Tiah, Project Alpha Ep. 1  -

The man is right and I honestly believe he is, problem is that if you were to mention this to the average blogger today, they would scuff them in a hurry, on the simple basis that they are convinced that bloggers today do what they do on the sole reason of monetary purposes and nothing more than that which I find it as a shame. 

I know that by posting this post, I am going to piss a lot of people off and quite frankly, I am more than happy to debate with those who think otherwise. I am more than happy to see what you out there would think of this matter. For months now, I am in so much mood to have a friendly banter with people, so what better topic would for me to do so that this right?

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  1. money is always a big pull undeniably, and kenny sia they all kind of cemented the thinking that you can earn tons just by sitting in front of the computer typing away.. which is why many think of blogging as an easy way to earn money... sad, but true

  2. I'm blogging for the fun of it.... Regarding the money..its just an encouragement !! Just a few cents daily or monthly... but seeing it increasing is just fun !

  3. I am blogging for sharing my travel experience. Earning from blogging is just a peanut compare to real life income. So, I don’t bother much making money from ads.

  4. blogging for fun je, side income tu sampingan kalau ada lah kan

  5. Nanged this. Well said. I blog bcos i like sharing what's in my delusional mind :P

  6. I started blogging to share, then ads came in and it became fun too, to see them popping up in my blog. I felt that there's life in my blog, not just me writing to the abyss. It felt good to earn from blogging. It's like me talking in class and my lecturer paying me to continue talking. Most "average bloggers" and I am below average earn cents per day. Don't think that will motivate me to blog for a living. But I like reading about success stories of bloggers and I nang coz I like reading about them and I am sure they earn cents too. It is only advertorials that earns here so we know who they are and they get thousands of visitors per day. So continue blogging guys, it is fun earning too. Nice post btw, get people thinking.

  7. to be honest, i am quite pissed off with this entry hhe

    however, what to be pissed off when what are you saying is just a solid fact. Monetary gain seems to be the sole motivation especially to those new blogger.

    But, wait the minute, most of that new blogger is just a kids, a teenage... what else they want or would like to think beside money. Furthermore, the pocket money is quite limited these days

  8. totally agree with you :) blogging is a passion, and not a way to be rich in a day

  9. earnings on blogging is definitely a plus..:D

  10. Well, agree...but blogging is still my passion, aside from earning..

  11. money is a plus.... but i blog bcoz i love to share and write comments bout some issue in other ways(out of box)....

    wateva it is...its better for us to blog than to waste our time doing sumthing "stupid" like sexchat, porn,etc ~peace~ :)

  12. You are "on the money" on this one...no pun intended :D . I found your site through LinkReferral, which I joined as I wanted to attract other bloggers/readers to my sight TO START A DIALOG...no other compensation sought. Yet as I had a greater opportunity to see who is also using this type of service, the vast majority are solely out for a buck. Make money from home, foreign exchange deals, buy real estate in Bali, or see the baby caps I knit and sell. So I do now have a good sense of what you are referring to here.

    I agree as what I desire of the blogosphere is to "find one another" through exchanges of ideas, perspectives, insights and knowledge. That's what I am "shopping for." It seems that just as buying on the clearance racks in the back of your favorite store, you have to skip passed a lot of rejects to find the best of what's out there! And some days you do...like I did today :)

  13. I started to blog about 7 years ago, to share my ideas and thought. Money earn from Nuffnang and google adsense just a add on thing, but not the main purpose for blogging after all.

    Blog for money, the content will be boring and stupid.

    I think if blogger 1st intention is to grab money from blogging industry, I think they better stop doing this thing, find a better investment in real life might gives more in return.

  14. dude,
    u hadda brilliant opinion here.

    those traffic mongers are inevitable
    and sometimes, they freak out when someone made a statement about them,
    like u did, like me, and like some of my blogger pals did.

  15. oh i agree with Ronnie! I'm a new blogger & earning big cash is the least on my mind.

    your post is just so witty & smartly composed..you must really have put lots of emotion in writing it.But you are a great writer. have you thought of writing for star? I have a writer who i secretly love for his marvelous writing!
    & I secretly love you..buahaha!! don't perasan too much kay? =)

  16. I find that the best blogs are when the author writes about what him/her knows, or are passionate about. If you know how to earn money with your blog, then please share :-) However, when the only objective is to try and sell, sell, sell and earn money with your blog and posts. Then the outcome is rarely interesting or motivating for a visitor to return, that's what I think anyway.

    I don't mind ads or anything on your blog that has the intent of making money, go 4 it! Just don't overdo it...


  17. Stuff could be worseSeptember 23, 2010 at 7:13 AM

    Yes do not know how to earn $$, I have made cents!!!