Teh Tarik Travels - A Day in Canberra!

So far my time here has been nothing short that amazing, pretty much most of it spending my time visiting my old hang out spots and reminising past memories of my time spent here. As mentioned before on my previous post, Canberra is a sleepy town just south of Sydney which does have it's charm of its own...

[The Alma Matter]

Of course the biggest landmark here in Canberra would be The Australian National University (ANU) which is one of Australia's top ranked universities in the world. Might sound a little biased here on their portfolio but with all the reasons that I actually went here before. A must see in Canberra during your visit...

The best thing that I love about the town is that everything is literally walking distance away, and I really mean it! To reach the town center would usually take you at most 20 minutes walking distance, which with the scenery and the weather that the town has got to offer would not be as much as a burden in comparison on walking on foot in Malaysia!

[Pathway to town from uni]

[Ye olde' Pub!]

[Ye Olde' Adult fun!]

[Multi Story Shopping Mall]

One of the main reason why I always prefer smaller towns in comparison to cities like Sydney is because sometimes towns like can offer just as much as the bigger town can WITHOUT the unfriendly people and expensive prices! To me, one would always go for a holiday because they would want to relax so what better way to get yourself to a town like this right?

Back then when I was still back in uni, I always tried to appreciate the simpler things in life, sometimes by just watching people go by while having a snack.

[Heavenly Bliss of Chips!]

What I suggest you do is you get yourself a bag of chips from this shop, Chicken Gourmet (which I am convinced that they put drugs in it because chips like that cannot taste that good...) and just sit yourself down in a bench. You'll get so many people passing you by and to me its just that interesting to see the culture of the town with a bag of chips...

Of course if you sit there long enough, someone else will come by and stare at you and your bag.

[See what I mean...]

Canberra town itself is also know for its cultural hub of Australia, boasting some of the most amazing art museum in town, if you are into that. Of course for me who has no knowledge of art whatsoever, I took picture of the most funniest piece of art I can find...  

[Sheep Pr0n]

[This must be from New Zealand...]

I bet not many would get that joke...

TOMORROW: What is that White Fluffy Thing?

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  1. am going to eat the chips today, buahahahaha :P

  2. sheep p0rn? where.. lol..
    they're so far apart from each other =P

  3. wait for the next post. you'll SURELY love it! :D

  4. that statue has been an image of almost every uni student's picture when i was there haha!

  5. cool...kinda like newcastle, everything is within walking distance...
    and the sheeps look reaaalllly wrong =/

  6. WAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!! I looooooved the sheep pron! Damn hilarious! LOLOLOLOL!

  7. and with that in mind, life is so much simpler in towns like that right? :D glad you like them sheeps!

  8. so does everyone else that sets foot into this town!

  9. lol, i cant get the last part XD