Teh Tarik Down Under - Reunion in Canberra

Once again, mismanagement of time and scehdule has caught up on me, making me procastinate on updating this blog as promise, so for all the readers out there waiting for my post, thousand apologies...

 [Australian Capital Territory!]

For most of you guys out there who has never been to Australia before, high likely that you would never even heard of Canberra before. In fact if asked, most likely that they would think Sydney or Melbourne would be the capital of Australia.

Fat chance.

Priding itself as the "Largest Small Town in Australia" Canberra, the capital of Australia, is basically the size of Kuala Lumpur with only half a million residence in the town so you can imagine the amount of space one would have in this town. Basically its a sleepy town in Australia which happens to be the capital city itself.

Quite honestly I love every minute of this town (and apparently so does Nicole Kiss!)

The reason behind it is that not only is this town been so good to me when I was in uni for a while here but for this lot of people that I personally call "family".

[My Four Adorable Nephews! See the resemblance?]

[Cousin Mark! Got him on his grumpy days actually..]

I've got a few other members of my family as well but disclosing their picture now would actually disclose hints of new post which WILL be posted up tomorrow! :D

Honestly nothing beats a feeling of meeting up with family members after 5 long years of being away from the country. To some extent that every sight and sounds in the town brings back memories, and I will tell you why in the next post tomorrow! Keep an eye out on this space!

TOMORROW: What Can You Do in A Town like Canberra?

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  1. FINALLY! You can use the Zara jacket!! XD

  2. 4 nephews? the house must be super meriah

    looking forward for the updates then :) have fun