Teh Tarik Down Under - Departure to Sydney


As I've mentioned before on my previous posts, I'll be doing my updates as frequent as I possibly can from the land Down Under as I go along. Provided that I don't freeze myself to death in this weather (currently 5 degrees during mid day, looking at below 0 at night) I'm here trying to figure out what to write so here goes...

To avoid this post from being too long, I've decided to break down the entire trip on a day to day basis. Therefore there will be an update almost everyday here on MoaTTD in the duration of the trip so keep an eye on this space.

The day came that I was to leave and being the tardy person that I am, I left the packing for my trip the night before I was suppose to leave, in which I managed to finish packing everything up in 27 minutes! The one thing I realised that for most guys, we never take packing as seriously as girls. We take less than half an hour of packing, on the very last minute of the flight and in the end will always forget something. I am in no exception to this rule...

[Pride of Malaysia, waiting for a cleanup before my boarding]

Thus while waiting of my flight, I went around exploring the airport while waiting. Unfortunately for me, the flight got delayed because of some trivial issue with some of the passengers. Rumor has it that one of the passengers was demanding for a crib for her three babies in which she didn't book before hand, thus making it a problem for the flight attendants to actually handle the situation. Nevertheless, the facilities around the airport was amazing which kinda helped me to preoccupy my time.

The had free internet terminals for the passengers around the airport.

[Couldn't help myself of some self promo...]

The good people of Samsung also provided some free Hi Def entertainment for the passengers to chill and relax.

[TV this clear, you'll forget about the guy with the extremely short shorts]

After spending most of the time wondering around the airport and calling to say goodbye to Ave T (who was visibily upset about me leaving considering her recent post) it wasn't long before the good people of MAS managed to sort out the problem and got the boarding rolling. Throughout my years of travelling around the world, I have come to the acceptance that either three of this kind of people will sit next to me in every flight I travel alone:

1. Overly friendly guy who keep asking questions and poking you to see if you are asleep to talk some more
2. Ridicolously large person who will take up some part of your seat and squish you the entire trip
3. Large baby with an orchestra of crying babies.

And for this flight what did I get?

The mother who demanded for the cribs with her three babies who took turns to turn on the orchestra throughout my 7 hour flight. Awesome.

Honestly I am so content with my luck on planes that I have stopped hoping for the dream of any guy on flight, to have a random hot chick sitting next to you, talking about her bikini trip in Ibiza. For me, my dream is to for once not have any of these people stated above to sit next to me in flights. That would be good enough.

So I arrived late in Sydney which pretty much stopped me from going anywhere that night. However all was not a loss since it did give me time to plan out my activities throughout the trip in Sydney.

[TOMORROW: A Day in Sydney!]
Stay tune!

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  1. I love Australia and I'm sure you'll like it as well. Looks like a cool airplane, have not seen cribs like that on one before...Nice blog you have :-)

  2. You know what neighbours I have on AirAsia flights? Shortasses pushing their seat all the way back. every single time. You're not alone on this Sha. =D